The boy from my childhood


The line went dead. I knew he wouldn't remember me, but secretly I was hoping he did. I remember him. I remember every detail about him. Like how he has cute dimples when he smiled and that his favorite food was pineapple. I remember crossing my fingers behind my back when we made the promise when we were six about us getting married because I use to have the biggest crush on ashton!!!! I stood outside looking at the view off my balcony thinking of all our childhood memories that I guess had been forgotten by the new ashton Irwin


4. "as in the Sarah"

Chp 4: "as in the Sarah"

*Ashton's pov*

"I can't believe u just fucking did that calum"

"Mate it's no big deal. Probably just some fan that u thought was cute and gave your number to again"

"Calum that was SARAH!!!"

"And who the fuck is that" he said with a smirk on his face.

"SARAH!!!!!! As in best friend from when we were kids. As in she's the reason I became so depressed. As in the one who I thought of when we started this stupid ass band" (a/n don't think 5sos is stupid just thought it would express his anger towards cal)

Cal looked at me with a big ass grin on his face.

"I don't know why your smiling I'm mad at you!"

His smile turned into a laugh and he fell from the couch to the floor. We were all confused before he started calming himself down before speaking.

"As in Sarah. The one who u always talk about before and after u get off stage. As in Sarah the one that LOVES Hawaiian pizza. The one who u always say I remember the one time me and Sarah did this or we did that. As in Sarah the one who had the brown straight hair that u loved so much. As in Sarah the one u haven't seen in years but ur still IN LOVE with her " still chuckling the whole time he was talking.

I hesitated before speaking. "Ye- yea that's the one".

The rest of the boys fell to the floor laughing as hard as calum was.

I stomped upstairs and slammed the door. I was so fuckin mad at calum for answering my phone and hanging up on Sarah. I have waited years to talk to her but was always scared to call her in case I began crying over the phone. She finally fucking called me and now she probably won't even fucking talk to me ever again. I missed her a lot and every time she posted a picture on Instagram it made me miss her even more. I missed my best friend. I miss the girl from my childhood.

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