The Country of Deserts

[romance, fantasy, Cell Phone Novel] Junah used to be a mighty country; however, it is known as the Country of Deserts now. Although it isn't quite true, the process of desertification broke its lapsed might, making people suffer from drouth. The king of Junah has the only way to save his people... that is to marry one of the princesses of Flowerland, who are known to have the power of one of the elements.
PS cover made by @[Eat, Sleep, Write]


50. Drops of silver and gold

They got pretty far from lakeshore.

A tense atmosphere

was between them.




         a word.


After some time

         Mansur stopped rowing

and looked at Oenothera.


She slightly touched

         with her fingertips

                  a floating pink petal,

which was brought there by the wind.

Silver ripples spread

                  on the water surface.


The maiden

         obstinately avoided

         his stare.

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