The Country of Deserts

[romance, fantasy, Cell Phone Novel] Junah used to be a mighty country; however, it is known as the Country of Deserts now. Although it isn't quite true, the process of desertification broke its lapsed might, making people suffer from drouth. The king of Junah has the only way to save his people... that is to marry one of the princesses of Flowerland, who are known to have the power of one of the elements.
PS cover made by @[Eat, Sleep, Write]


45. Cherrypetal VI

“Miss, let's come here,”

the two guys led her

to some empty side street.


“What for?”

asked Oenothera puzzled.


“You'll wait here with one of us”

“while the other is searching”

“for your friends.”

“There are a lot of people.”

“It would be difficult

         “to find each other later...”

said one with an evil smile.


“Oh, I see,” she said.


When they were about

         to come to the side street,

someone grabbed a shoulder

         of the bandit

                   without the scar.


“What are you doing?”

said the person frostily.

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