The Country of Deserts

[romance, fantasy, Cell Phone Novel] Junah used to be a mighty country; however, it is known as the Country of Deserts now. Although it isn't quite true, the process of desertification broke its lapsed might, making people suffer from drouth. The king of Junah has the only way to save his people... that is to marry one of the princesses of Flowerland, who are known to have the power of one of the elements.
PS cover made by @[Eat, Sleep, Write]


126. Ayvali II

A long queue of merchants and other people

stretched for many kilometers like a gigantic serpent,

waiting for their turn to enter the city.


Of course the king wouldn't stand in line,

waiting for his turn to come.

Having rode to the entrance,

Mansur's servant spoke to the guards.


Oenothera didn't hear what he told them,

but it wasn't difficult to guess

as reverence crossed their faces,

and they hurried to salute Mansur.


As they rode through the gate,

the princess caught guard's whisper

and curious glances directed at her,

which were averted the moment they saw

Oenothera looking at them.

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