Keep Your Promises

The author of This novel is Sabitha Kiritharan. This story was written by me only. The story is a made up story written by Sabitha Kiritharan. I am the only one who has permission to use this story.

Cover by NathanielStanley

When Scarlett finds a secret. Her whole life turns upside down.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

I stare down at my hands, twisting and knotting them as if doing so would hold back the turmoil inside me. Despair roams the room, expel on the breath of worriers like me and those doing their best to bite down on the pain that brought them here.  The florescent lights glare at the tiles. The waiting room smells like synthetic clean death. I rock backwards and forwards, trying to keep the pain, clouding in my throat. I hold myself tightly, too afraid that I might just break. My eyes scatter over the waiting room, as I try and distract myself, but as usual. I fail.


Nerves of steel hold me down, as I wait patiently. I stand up, knocking the chair behind me. I watch the man sitting beside me; raise his eyebrows at me, as he stares at me cautiously. The man was bald, with a scar on his neck, his skin was saggy, and he glares at me when he catches me watching him. Wonder what brought him in? Probably madness and isolation brought him here. I wonder what he sees when he looks at me; a seventeen year old girl with long black hair, and dark eyes, a plump figure and wearing jeans, a jumper, and a pair of conversers. With not an electronic device in sight, I bet he’s wondering what I am doing here? Or why I don’t seem like the other teenagers. I really hate it, when old people and so many others think that teenagers are all the same; with electronic devices which cost more than they probably need, when instead they could give it to somebody else, with designer clothes, and hair glossy and in style, and always in groups. I was the opposite to most girls that people would say how a teenager is, my hair is down and plain, my clothes are hand me downs from the nearby charity shop, my sister said that it doesn’t matter how you look like. Well, tell that to Sasha, Tiffany and the rest of the popular crew. They all look the same to me, like identical Barbie dolls. Except Sasha, the leader of the crew, the clothes she wears are so designer and expensive, that they could feed hundreds of poor kids. Also, the way the other girls obey whatever nonsense Sasha says, shows clearly how they are much lower than Sasha.


I look around, my eyes watching sick kids, and adults with blood trickling from them. I watch one little girl catch my eye. It wasn’t that she was the loudest child, or that she was the most confident child ever. It was the fact that the girl made me think of myself. She had the most adorable bunches, which was held up in two pony tails, and her eyes, they were beautiful shade of blue. My eyes thought on why such a beautiful child like this was here, when I saw that she was in a wheelchair of some sort, and she was trembling and rocking ferociously. Her eyes capture mine, and she looks at me curiously, like she is trying to see what I am thinking. She looks at me lovingly, and smiled at me, a smile which could light up sunshine, so bright and radiating. Suddenly, I notice the doctor Mr. Wales, walking out of my sister room. He strides towards me, and then he pats me on the shoulder.


“Doctor, how is my sister? Please tell me she is alright.” I ask curiously, afraid to hear his answer.


My heart pounds rapidly, and beads of sweat trickle down my face, as I wait for his answer. He goes to say something, but then he stops, before gulping loudly, he begins thinking about something.


“Well come on, tell me. How is my sister?” I ask again repeatedly, not feeling patient anymore, after waiting for so long, I just had to see my sister, I had to hear her beautiful voice.

“You’re Emma Cadberry sister, aren’t you?” the doctor asks me, peering at me through his weird black shaped oval glasses.

Dr. Wales, was a man who I thought looks like he is in his late forties or early fifties, with blue eyes that peer at me, through his oval shape glasses, and a long moustache, which I thought looks like could hide something in it, and wore the usual doctor outfit, except on his there was a stain, which I thought could either be ketchup, or blood, probably the second one, and his buttons look like they could pop anytime.


“Yes, I am. How is my sister?” I say angrily, getting tired out with the doctor, I had an anger problem. I could be patient at times, but right now, even a slight argument will burst the bubble of anger inside of me. I grasp my hands together, holding them together.


Didn’t he think I was already under pressure, with everything with my sister and all, not to help my parents’ death, and my horrible ex boyfriend cheating on me? But I guess the doctor didn’t really know all of that, and I knew I couldn’t blame him. After all, he was only doing his job which was to help people. I guess it wasn’t really fair on him, since it wasn’t his fault, that I was in all of this pressure, and that my life would seem like an exciting story. 


Well, except my life wasn’t just an exciting story, with a happy ending. My life, may seem exciting and adventurous, but if you were me, and then you would understand. My life would seem like a fairytale, the story would start off being sad and upset, and then at the end of the day, the princess or whoever it was would find true love, and a prince, and live happily ever after, all the problems disappearing too. But, I had no prince, no true love, and my problems weren’t one that’s you could just shove away and make it disappear. It was scary problems, which I hated, but I know I would never be able to shove it away, and knew that facing them was the only way I would make my problems disappear. But, I guess if I was ever given the chance to wipe away all my problems, and then I would. It was always easier running away from your problems, and I know it much better than everybody else. All my life, I have been running away from my problems, just thinking I could wipe it away, and then it would all be gone, like in an exciting story.


But, my life wasn’t a story, and I was no book character, and my problems were real. Problems in normal stories were hard but not as hard as mine were, and they were just fake problems, with the intention to spice up the novel, and make the story exciting and interesting. The purpose was good, and it did enhance the stories by making them interesting, but those problems were easy to complete, and even though it would feel difficult for the character to face the problems. They would be really strong and brave, and would have many friends, and face their problems. It didn’t really work with me; for the first instance. I was not brave or strong, and a coward at heart. I would seem strong and tough, but on the inside I was just a little girl with so many problems, which would feel like demons haunting me. I have so many problems, one after the other, so many. Sometimes, I feel like the demons will just win, and that my problems will just smother me like a blanket of death; suffocating me.


“Your sister is stable at the moment, why don’t you come and take a look at her, if you would like to, and then you can judge about her conditions. I know this is hard for you; with your sister, and everything, but everything will be alright.” The doctor tells me kindly, patting my shoulder with fake reassurance.

“Yes, I would like to see my sister, and no. Everything will not be alright, don’t make promises you can’t keep. The truth may sting, but it’s better than lying.” I tell the doctor, striding towards my sister room.


I stand outside the waiting room; my heart racing like it had just run a marathon. The door is white, and the door knob calls me in, to open it. I stop; many questions stirring up in my head. What if Emma is not okay? What if Emma is dead? Who will I go to if anything happens to Emma? Will Emma ever recover? Will everything become perfect just like it used to be? I know the answer to the last one will be no. The rest, I don’t know. I haven’t got any other family to go to; all along it has just been me and Emma. Our parents died in a mysterious accident, which stole them away from us. We were just so young then; Emma was only twenty years old, and me a mere eleven years old. Emma took the adult role at the age of twenty, and she became like a mum to me. I never saw Emma cry, about our parents’ death. But, I had heard sobs from her room. But, when I asked Emma, she just tells me that she wasn’t crying, and to leave her alone. That was when the barriers between us, had started to come. We used to be so close, as close as you can be. After our parents’ accident and some mysterious incident which happened when Emma was twenty really affected Emma. She became more isolated, colder, sadder, and more afraid.


 She would just stay at home, all alone, being sad and depressing, and she would just sit in her room. I once caught her staring at a photograph, tears were trickling down gently on her beautiful face, and she was whispering something. Later, that day; I asked Emma, on the photograph and why she was crying, all Emma told me was that she was not crying, and told me so many lies saying that she did not look at any photograph, when I know she did. From that day, the numbers of times I have asked Emma are like a million, and always the same answer. I stopped asking the question, when I realized that by asking Emma, I was making her more upset and sad. Even after our parents death; Emma was still strong, but after the incident which happened to Emma, which I don’t know about, scarred Emma. I want to know what happened; I want to help my sick sister. Is that so hard for her to understand? I just want to know, so I can help her. I mean after all; Emma is my beautiful older sister. I hate seeing her rejected and sad. I stare into the door, wondering what waits me further. Fear grips me in place, as I stand not moving, not wanting to see what lies beyond these doors. I feel terror stricken, and feel the goose bumps shivering on my arms. I stand frozen; not knowing what will lie beyond these doors, on how my sister is. I’m afraid. I have to admit that, I know I am the kind of girl who acts all tough and strong, but inside I cry, and weep. I’m all alone, and afraid, and not knowing how my sister is. My sister, was the only person I had left, she was my sister.


My big bold, brave and beautiful sister, who I adored very much. She meant the whole world to me, and I know I was my sisters’ whole world. We have always been close, even though we have a nine year age gap; maybe it’s because of the horrible things that we have come through such as our parents death, or maybe it’s just because my sister is so amazing, and kind, and an understanding big sister, who I am grateful to have. You always hear tales about sisters not getting alone, who want to strangle one another, and cannot tolerate one another, much stand to be in the same room as them. The sisters who always argue, and fight, and hate each other, that you wouldn’t be surprised if one killed the other. But, that wasn’t how me and my sister were, we were close, always have been. I remember, when I was little, and instead of playing dressing up with my mother’s dress, I would instead go and dress up with my sisters clothes, and put make up, trying to make myself look older, sophisticated but most of all more beautiful like my sister. My sister would find me in her clothes, and in her makeup, and instead of arguing or shouting like some sisters would do, my sister just laughed, and told me that it looks really good on me the clothes, but the makeup makes me look like a weird beautiful looking clown. Which I took as a compliment, my sister would tell me the truth, but in a nice, kind way, which would make it look like she was giving you praise or a compliment. My sister was a person who was adored by everyone, and she still is; maybe it’s her bubbly, warm personality which makes you want to open up to her, and tell her about all your feelings and what is going on, or maybe it’s because she is so trustworthy, and a person you could share you deepest and darkest fear with her, knowing that she would tell nobody, and that her lips were sealed, and no soul should know, and that she would carry the secret with her grave, and even then nobody will know. My sister was very elegant, and demure woman, who hated taking, praises from anybody, she didn’t even like compliments, she said they were lying, and said that she thought the same of them too. She was so lovely my sister, that even the most horrible and cruel people liked her, and she was also a person who nobody could hate, unlike me who had many haters. Trust me, in my world telling someone a horrible truth, or not liking someone, or even dating someone can get you hated badly, and I have had bad experiences, too many to recount.


“Don’t you want to see how your sister is? I know you’re scared and afraid, but I think it is best if you see your sister now. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” The doctor voice tells me, as I see he is standing right behind me, I catch him watching me thinking, his brown eyes are staring into my neck.

“I’m fine, and of course I want to see my sister. You don’t know how I am feeling. You don’t know me; you don’t know anything about me.” I tell the doctor, my hand grasping the door handle.


It’s now or never, I think. I try and shove away all the horrific thoughts about my sister. My sister was okay, and she needed me right now. I take a deep breath, and open the door. The light shines brightly above my head, the tiles are a dull green, and I see a figure lying on the hospital bed. I have to face my fears; I have to see my sister. I know that once I see my sister, all the disturbing thoughts on how my sister is, will stop. If I didn’t see her know, and then I will never know how my sister is, and I know she has always needed me, especially now. I take slow steps, as I approach the hospital bed. I gasp, when I see my sister lying there, wires and tubes are sticking on her, and I can see her heart beat is normal, and her blood pressure is being measured. My sister, looks like one of the sick people. But, that is exactly how my sister is now.


“Emma. It’s me Scarlett. Please wake up, I’m feeling really afraid Emma, and I’m scared. I know you’re sick and not feeling well. But could you please wake up.” I ask my sister, as I kneel beside her hospital bed.

Suddenly my sister wakes up; her beautiful piercing green emerald colour eyes look at me. A smile forms on my face, when I see my sister is awake. My sister has always been beautiful, and even knows lying on the hospital bed, she still looks beautiful. She pulls off a look that not many people can pull off. Her lovely chestnut brown hair rest in waves, around her perfect face gently. She smiles, when she sees me, and tries to get up.

“Please be careful, Miss. Cadbury, you still need to stay here for a while, be careful. “The doctor tells my sister kindly.

Suddenly a Chinese nurse runs in, she’s sweating like a pig, and I wonder if she’s been running, she gasps, trying to regain her breath.

“Dr. Wales, the patient in surgery room, needs help; she’s vomiting out blood, and is wheezing violently.” The Chinese nurse tells Dr. Wales, as she gasps for breath.

“Oh, I have got to go. I will leave you two sisters together, Emma be careful, and I hope you recover soon, don’t do it again, look how devastated and scared you have left your sister.” Dr. Wales, tells Emma, before following the Chinese nurse out.

“Emma. I have been so worried sick. What led you to try and kill yourself?” I ask Emma, trying to control the fear in my voice, but struggling to.

“My life has been so troubled Scarlett. You won’t understand. You’re too young Scarlett. You are too young to face your own problems, so how can you face mine. You’re a little girl Scarlett; you’re too young, delicate and vulnerable. You won’t understand the problems I am facing.” Emma answers to me.

“I’m not a little kid anymore Emma. I am seventeen, not seven years old Emma. I am a big girl; I’m not a little child who is too delicate and young to know the truth. I am a strong brave woman Emma. I can handle the truth.” I state to Emma truthfully, wanting her to understand me, and not push me away further.

“It’s my burden Scarlett, mine, and only mine. It’s horrible and painful, it hurt me so much. I don’t want you to hear it too, and it’s a secret Scarlett, my secret, not yours. I know that all you want to do is help me, but you can’t Scarlett. It’s my destiny, and my fate.” Emma tells me.

“We used to always tell each other everything, all the secrets. Their never used to be any secrets between us; love, crushes, health, everything. We used to share everything Emma. Don’t you remember everything? Even in happiness, or sadness, we shared it all. What changed Emma? Why won’t you tell me, don’t you love me? We used to be so close, do you remember that Emma. When I always would know, that you would have my back, and I would have yours. A time, when I knew there would never be no secrets between us, a time, when we knew each other like the back of our hand. A time when we were together, when I felt like I knew you Emma. A time when I felt that we really were sisters. You were the one who blocked me out of their life, remember that Emma. I always was there for you, and wanted to face our problems together. But you shut me out; you hurt yourself more, by pushing me out, and facing all the demons alone.” I ask Emma, questioning her.

“It’s not like that Scarlett. I have always loved you. This is different.” Emma mumbles.

“Then, if you loved me, why would you try and kill yourself? Haven’t you thought what would become of me? I would be alone Emma, with no one. You’re the only person I have in my life Emma, and you try and kill yourself.” I tell Emma.

“Scarlett, you mean my whole life. But, you have to be prepared. My life may soon be over, and one day you will be alone.” Emma mumbles, tears trickling down her face, as she gulps quietly, holding back a tide of emotions and pain.

“What do you mean that you will leave me? You will never leave me Emma, I love you. I need you. I know you have a painful secret that you have been keeping away from me. I know you think that this is for the best. But I want you to tell me Emma.” I tell Emma kindly, panic and fear filling me.


What if whatever Emma tells me is bad? Then I do not want to hear that, because it will only make me more upset and scared, and then I would try and run away from all the pain and fears, but I will always know that I can run, but one day all my fears and problems, will just come back to get me, and I knew it was better to face them all now, instead of saving them for later, when my life would just go down a hill. What did Emma mean that she will leave me? Emma can’t leave me. Never, Emma is my sister. The only person I have left in the world, she means everything to me. Whatever will become of me without her? I need her, like oxygen to my lungs, like a child needs its parents. Emma was like my parents I needed her. I have never thought of Emma, as just as my sister. Emma has always been more than that. She helps me, grew up; she was the one that made delicious food for me, and she also helped me study and learn, she was the one I played with everyday, she fed me, we laughed together, we cried together, we fought together, and later hugged each other, she was the one person who I knew I could trust, and tell all my secrets and fears. My sister was my parent, and also she was my best friend. She was the one that I always have had in my life, and I always knew she will always been there for me. Every day, it was Emma beautiful angelic face, which is the first thing I see in the morning, her shouting at me to wake up, while I say no, and go back to sleep, and only wake up later because of her dragging me to the shower, and to get ready. She was like my mother to me; she was like a parent to me.


 I don’t really remember my parents, maybe it was because I was so young; I remember the day they died, daddy had bought a new car, and he said he and mummy were going to just go down the road, and test the car, and then we all could go as a family. We never got to go as a family, when mummy and daddy were taking a test drive, a massive lorry had come racing towards them. Mum had screamed, but daddy only saw the car as it was heading towards them, and by then it was too late. We had watched the car topple over, watched mother body being thrown out of the car, and daddy head smash towards the window. I remember hearing a scream, and then only later did I realize the person screaming was me. I don’t remember much of our parents though; I can hear someone singing a beautiful lullaby which must have been mummy, and I remember hazily mummy and daddy, pushing me and Emma on the swings. It was so long ago, but a precious memory to me. What would I do if the only person I had left Emma would leave me? Was Emma getting married? Was Emma going holiday? Or was something bad going to happened to Emma? No, that cannot be. Not to Emma. The cruel menacing demons could not take my sister away from me, well not without a fight, and a fight is what it will be.


“I remember when I was twenty two, and you were thirteen, when you had gone for a sleepover at Chloe’s.” Emma begins.

“Yes, I remember. It was the day Chloe brother had broken his leg too, and then he had started crying. It was weird to see a big person cry, after all he was four years older than us, and then he had to go to the hospital, and bandage his leg, but he’s all better now.” I interrupt.

Chloe was my friend.


We weren’t best friends or anything, but we were friends. We became friends in high school. I remember the first day, when I was feeling alone, and scared. High school did scare me, and I remember eating a cookie, when a girl with short red spiky hair had bumped into me. The girl was kind and friendly, and she introduced herself, and told me she loved cookies. That day, I broke my cookie into half and gave half of it to Chloe, who had ate it, and then told me we would become best friends. So, I know it’s funny, knowing the way we had both become friends, so yes we both did became friends through cookies, it helped knowing that we both loved cookies. But then again, who could resist cookies, they were delicious, and I loved them. I really didn’t understand girls; who dieted and only ate healthy food, they were thin as a stick, but they didn’t look happy, and never got to taste the delicious taste of the cookies sliding off your tongue.


“Stop interrupting me Scarlett. Well maybe you are too young for me to tell you; after all you still behave like a child. Maybe, I will tell you later, when everything is over, but then what if I am not there to tell you. I want to tell you Scarlett. I really do, but I am afraid, on how much this will hurt you, and how much this will affect your life. It will affect your life, and my life. Now, do you really want to know Scarlett, once I tell you, and then there is no turning back. You then, will have to face all the fears; you have been hiding from for so long. It will be hard, and what I tell you won’t be pleasant, do you really want to know?” Emma asks me carefully, her hand searching for mine, and clamps it tightly; it feels like she is afraid of letting go.


Face all my fears, all the problems I have been running away from my whole life. Hard, difficult, pain, will it all be worth it. More suffering and pain to already the mountain size that I have been trying to hide for so long, and failing. How will it affect my life, in the bad way probably? Did I really want to know what had happened five years ago? Did I really want to uncover my sister secret, a secret which she had kept hidden for so long? I watch Emma eyes staring at me, as she looks at me kindly. In her eyes; I probably do seem like a six year old child, all sweet, delicate and vulnerable to the world around her. But, that wasn’t me. I wasn’t a child; I was old enough, to face my fears. To stop running and hiding, and start facing them. It was for the best, I told myself. I struggle to accept, that I would have to face my fears, and demons which have been hunting me for so long, like a predator and its prey, and me being the prey.


“I’m so sorry Emma, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, and it’s just that it was so long, so I was trying to remember it. I am not young, I am seventeen, practically a women. Please tell me. I am ready to face all my fears and problems. I know it might not be good, but I am here for you Emma. Once, this secret is behind us. We can shut away any barriers between us, and become close once more. Come on, tell me. You’ve kept a secret from me for four years. I think I can handle it and I know for you, I will handle it.” I tell Emma, patting her hand gently.

“Well, okay, and that’s only because I know, that I have to tell you now. It’s now or never, and for me you’re always a kid Scarlett. The barrier will be broken, and we will become close, now that’s something I would like to come true. Ok, that day, my boyfriend at that time Ryan, came over to my house. I was alone, and well he took that as an opportunity, at the time. I thought I was heads over heels in love with him, and I trusted him a lot, something which you shouldn't do easily. Well, he forced himself upon me, and lied to me about false promises, on how he will marry me, and how we can all live together. I believed in him, so I allowed him. Actually, I didn’t allow him. I fought hard, not wanting to let him take it away. But he slapped me, and then he said he was sorry. I tried to run, but he held me in place, and he raped me. He took away my purity, after that, he acted like he loved me, but I knew he didn’t. A couple of weeks after that, I started vomiting, and feeling sick. I went to the doctors, and they told me to take a test. What I found out was that I was pregnant, with Ryan’s kid. I wanted to have an abortion, but I felt like I shouldn’t. I couldn’t just destroy a life, and I didn’t want to. Just thinking, it’s a baby, a child. I can’t kill anyone. A baby, a beautiful child was going to come out from me. I didn’t want anyone to hurt it. I mean, it was like how you mean to me Scarlett, a little child. Someone I have to look after, and care for, because they can’t take care of themselves. Well, I guess you could look after yourself, but I just want to protect you, all the time. Well, that was exactly how I was feeling; when I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, and afraid. I already had an eleven year old sister to look after, and yes it was you. I couldn’t look after two young kids at once. I know you were a brave, and a good little girl, and I know you did everything I said. But I just knew that I couldn’t cope with two kids. I mean, it was extremely hard, just looking after you. You were an amazing little girl, and everybody loved you, and I adored you. But, I became very scared. I mean, it was tough. There were already so many bills, money, enough food to eat. I already found it hard to feed both of us, I had to work and it was hard. But, it was worth it at the end, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I had the most difficult choice, a choice I pray that nobody else would ever have to consider; you, my beautiful adorable little sister, who adores me so much, or my baby, my own flesh and blood.” Emma tells me.

“What! You didn’t tell me anything, where is the baby now?” I question curiously.

Emma looks up and down nervously, as she takes a deep breath, whatever happened to the baby. That was the question, which was stirring up in my head.

“Well, the child was born, a beautiful baby girl who I named Darcy.” Emma tells me.

“When was she born?” I ask curiously.

“She was born when you were on your three month school trip to France.” Emma answers smiling, her eyes glance around, before they firmly look at me, she smiles at me lovingly, and with a lot of affection.

“I didn’t even realize you were pregnant, you didn’t even look like it. I mean I always imagined the large women, with hormonal problems, and vomiting, and mood changed everywhere.” I mumble, wondering how I could know, I mean after all Emma was my sister, and normally I would notice everything about her, she really must not have looked pregnant and not showed any of the signs..

“Well luckily, I didn’t have nearly any of the symptoms well except headaches, chocolate craving, and I only vomited twice. But that was luckily at the time you were in school, and Darcy was a small baby, and I luckily didn’t gain much weight, so it was really hard to even see that I was pregnant. All, I knew was that I would have do is to cope with it. I thought about it, and knew that this was for the best, and I thought about you. I gave birth on the February 1st 2009.” Emma continues.

“What happened to the child?” I ask curiously, begging to hear the answer, my heart quickens.

“Well, I looked after her at this special nursing facility, because I was so young and everything they helped me look after her.” Emma tells me.

“Well, this is impossible. How come I have never seen her?” I ask timidly.

“Well, normally I would look after her at the times you were at school, and the rest of the time she spent time at the nursing facility, but you have seen her. Remember the times; I said I was babysitting; well the curly haired kid was her. My Darcy, my child, and the rest of the time; you were busy hanging with friends, sleepovers, going places. This allowed me to spend time with my Darcy.” Emma says smilingly.

“The little girl was your daughter, my niece.” I say surprisingly, feeling happy.


I was feeling really happy, and excited. I had someone else out there, a niece. A blood relative called Darcy, somebody else who I could love, and be loved for. I wasn’t lonely anymore.


“Yes, she was, beautiful wasn't she?” Emma asks me.

“Gorgeous, but what happened to her?” I ask feeling scared.

“Two months ago, this was when you were spending time with your friends. I was taking Darcy to the park; this was when she was four years old, well at the park. I was swinging Darcy on the swings, and she was shaking her curly brown hair and smiling happily. She was my sunshine, suddenly; someone hits me on the head. I felt the back of my head, and noticed there was blood. I look to see a masked stranger, taking Darcy. I remember Darcy, being kidnapped. My beautiful baby girl was being taken away from me. I, her mother, was looking for her beautiful child. Darcy screams, I try and stand up, but my head throbs, and the world goes black. The last thing I hear is; Darcy screaming for me calling me Mummy it helps she cries. Next thing, I wake up, in a hospital. I scream for my child, and they tell me, no child was found with me. I found out my baby was kidnapped away from me. They stole her away from me. They took her away from me. No!” Emma cries, crying in pain.

“No! Emma, you should have told me. I could have helped you look for her. It’s not late, we will find her Emma.” I tell Emma.

“I have looked everywhere for her Scarlett. Every day, I try and look for her, and soon I won’t be there anymore. Darcy won’t have anybody else. I want you to find her Scarlett. This is why I told you, you have to find Darcy, and tell her how much I love her.” Emma tells me.

“What do you mean you won’t be here anymore?” I ask feeling scared.

“I have breast cancer. I am going to die.” Emma sobs through tears.

“No!” I cry out loud.

“It’s true. I found out six months before.” Emma tells me.

“Then, why didn't you tell me before. I could have saved you.” I moan.

“It’s too late. The tumour is too big.” Emma answers.

“No! No!” I repeat, in pain and misery, crumbling to the ground, just wanting the world to suck me up, and take me away.


This was a lot worse than my parents’ death; at least I hadn't known them that well. My sister was the person I have known my whole life. I have seen her face every morning, every day. She was my family, my parent, my guardian, my best friend. I needed her; she was like water to me. I would die without her. I couldn't imagine living without her; life would be devastating, terrible. I would just go mental. No, I cry in pain and fear. Why Emma? Why didn’t I get her cancer instead? Emma had her whole life in front of her, why did God want to take away my sisters precious life away? No! Please not her. I already had lost my parents. I couldn’t lose my sister too, the pain would be unbearable. This cannot be happening. Not now, not ever. No! Emma had everything in life to look forwards to; she hasn’t got married yet, she was the one person who had to be there for my wedding, she wouldn’t even get to spend time with her daughter. She wouldn’t see her daughter get married; she wouldn’t even see her daughter become a teenager. Darcy! Whatever will happen to Darcy, her young child? And Darcy has been kidnapped. However, will I find her? I am only a young woman. I am not a police, I am not like one of those detectives that save people, and can find people. I can’t even solve my life, how will I solve this mystery? What can I do? Darcy. I have to save my sister, I have to find Darcy. I have to fix these problems. I would not let Emma die? I will not let Darcy remain kidnapped, I will find her. I will reunite her with Emma, and then they will remain united. They will live happily together, and Emma will watch Darcy grow up, and be there for her life. She wouldn't be like our parents; who weren't there for our lives, but then again, that wasn't their fault, it was God’s play of destiny. Emma, will not die. I will not let my sister die. I will not let God grasp her away from mine and Darcy life. God cannot have Emma. I will save Darcy, and find a way to heal my sister. I will not the only people I have left, be taken away from my life. I was mostly isolated from the world; they were the only people I have left in my life. I will not allow anyone to take them both away from me. I cried when my parents died, but I got through it, and that was all because of my loving big sister Emma, who gave me all the love and attention I needed, without Emma I could not cope. I would not be able to get over her death, she was my pillar of strength, and without her I was broken.


“Scarlett. Please be brave, you know I can’t be strong if I see you like this. I have already accepted my fate. Please don’t cry.” Emma tells me.

“You can’t accept it. You have to fight the cancer Emma. Fight it. Please tell me you haven’t got Cancer.” I tell Emma pleadingly, wanting her to laugh at me, and then say no, but I know she won’t, she has cancer. I know she has it; I just want her to say she doesn’t.

“I would like to tell you that I haven’t. But I can’t, because then that will all be a lie. I know Scarlett, that your whole life has been trouble and mess. But I need you to be strong and brave for me Scarlett, please.” Emma begs me.

“The cancer won’t win Emma, please fight this for me and Darcy, and I will find Darcy, and bring her back.” I tell Emma, holding her fragile hand to my cheek, Emma breathing was hard, and I could see it was paining Emma to speak, and talk. I know she needed loads of rest.

“Oh, speaking of Darcy. I want you to find Darcy, rescue her from the kidnappers, and then you will have to look after Darcy for me. You have to protect her, and you have to love her. If I am not here, give her this.” Emma tells me, turning her head around and grasping a pink shaped parcel, with a beautiful blue ribbon. Emma handles it to me.

I take it from Emma, and hold it, the name tag reads to my beautiful princess Darcy. Love Mother. It feels light, but I know there is something special from Emma, which she wants to give to her daughter Darcy.

“And here’s something for you Scarlett.” Emma tells me, handling me a beautiful gift box with the words to my beautiful sister Scarlett, our love is never ending, from your big sister. I hold it tightly, feeling the love from my sister.

“Emma, you will give this to Darcy, you will beat this cancer.” I tell Emma, patting her shoulder kindly, trying to give her all the strength I had to her.

Normally, it was Emma who was the strong one, she was the brave and courageous one, and had the spirit of a blazing hot fire. She was the strong one, I knew that. Normally, Emma was strong, and I knew she was inside, and that this cancer was just eating up all her good vibrant energy and eating her up. But Emma had to know, I was here, I will give everything I have to save her, all the strength inside me should be given to Emma, she needed everything to become happy. I was going to give Emma; everything, all the power I had, all the strength I had was to Emma. Emma had to battle this life threatening disease, and she had to win. If Emma fought it, I knew then Emma would definitely win, she was strong, a warrior, never the one to give up. She was my sister, and I knew her more than anybody else. She was a fighter; she fights everything, bullies, evil, and now cancer. Emma has always won, and I knew that also this time Emma will win. Emma had to win. I needed Emma, she was my big sister. The person I looked up to the most, I needed her the most. She was my barrel of strength, she was my power, and she was the source to my happiness. Even when I was younger, Emma has always given me everything that I wanted; the latest clothes, electronic gadgets which were the thing to die for, she sacrificed so much for me. She gave up her whole life for me, and I owed her with my life. Emma gave up; her freedom, her chance to socialized, she worked for me, she has starved herself, because she knew that only one of us could eat. She has given up so many things for me, and what do I do. Just cause her more sadness and pain, what a great sister I was. Emma has always been the best sister to me, she is even more of a mom to me, she loves me, and she cares me. The first word I said was Emma, and that was because in my life Emma was my mum.


“That seems impossible Scarlett, it’s getting bigger, and I can feel it sucking my life force, its winning.” Emma tells me, coughing violently; Emma grasps her hand to her throat, and coughs. Emma looks so sick, so ill. She had to get better soon.

“Well then don’t let it win. I will find Darcy for you, and you must fight the cancer for me, and Darcy.” I tell Emma.

“Okay. I will fight it for my beautiful sister and my adorable daughter. You find Darcy quickly, find her and protect her. Here is a photograph of her” Emma tells me, handing me a photograph.


I inspect the photograph carefully, seeing it is a picture of my sister, looking more radiant and happy, with a beautiful young girl. The young girl has beautiful brown hair in waves, and piercing green eyes, she is smiling into the camera. Darcy I can almost hear what the girl must be saying, please find me Scarlett, I need you. Don’t worry Darcy, auntie Scarlett will rescue you, promise.

“Ok. I will, and you must promise to beat this cancer.” I tell Emma.

“I promise that I will do my best, and try extremely hard, and I will make sure to beat this cancer for you, and Darcy.” Emma tells me, shaking my hand.

“And I promise, I will find Darcy, and rescue her.” I tell Emma, shaking her hand tightly.

“Miss. Scarlett. You need to go out now; the patient needs her time to rest.” The Chinese nurse tells me, peeping at me.

I kiss my sister cheek gently, before walking off. I close the door behind me, I would keep my promise. I would rescue Darcy, and Emma will fight the deadly disease cancer, and we both will become will succeed. Promises are not meant to be broken, I would not break my promise, and I knew Emma wouldn't either. Darcy, wherever you are, I am coming for you.

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