Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


10. 9


no matter how much i tried to comfort her, August couldn't settle down. we've been sitting on my bed for the past ten minutes hugging each other, i couldn't help but cry too.

i took in a deep, shaky breath. "Auggy. okay. okay just settle down. shhhh" i pulled away from the hug and took her by both of her shoulders.

"i think it's time to go see the only person that will make you feel better." she nodded her head and wiped her hair from her face.

"here. let me help you clean up" i said. her mascara was smudged and running down her wet cheeks. i took her back into my bathroom and brushed her hair. she was too weak and exhausted to do it herself. i french braided her hair and wiped her cheeks with a wet paper towel.

"all set. want me to walk you over?" i asked her. she nodded a little.


Jenna was walking me over to Cal's. i'm not even sure what to say to him. i got to his door and waved bye gently to Jenna. i walked through the front door, i was still living there at the moment. i ran up to my (Cal's) room and closed the door. i sat on his bed and thought about the tester. the fact that something was living inside me right now scared me and i started to cry again silently. Cal came into his room from his bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Baby, what's happened?" he said and pulled me into a tight hug. i cried even more.

he pulled away from the hug. "what's wrong Auggy?" he said and took my hands in his.

"C-Cal. you got- i'm... i-i'm pr-pregnant" i stuttered as even more tears fell onto my lap. Cal lost color in his face. i pleaded him to say something with my eyes. when he said nothing, i cried even harder, if that was even possible.

"Cal. please. say something!" i begged.

"u-um. o-ok. we'll... We'll get through this. it's okay" he gave my hands a squeeze. i smiled a weak one and i somehow stopped crying. he smiled a little.

"let me put on my clothes.. and i guess we'll have to find some way to tell my parents.."


this... is not good. my parents are probably gonna kill me! i can't wait any longer to tell them either. Aug is gonna start getting a baby bump really soon. i sighed and threw on a black muscle tank, tight jeans and a white bandana in my hair. i grabbed Auggy's hand. "c'mon. we should tell them now" i said, taking her downstairs. my parents were sitting together watching a movie in the TV room. i knew my parents wouldn't be happy about this. my mom had me when she was 18, and my dad chose to stay with her, but it ruined them. both my parents were kicked out. it took them 3 years to work their asses off enough to get enough money for an apartment. i knew they wouldn't want my life ruined by being a father at such a young age.

"Mom. Dad. i uhm, have something to tell you" Aug gave my hand a comforting squeeze. "Whats up lovie?" mom said sweetly.

i let out a long sigh. "i um. i-i got...i got Auggy... i" i couldn't say it. my parents always thought of me to be so innocent. "Son are you okay?" my dad asked. "i got Auggy pregnant!" i blurted out. my mom went pale, and my dad just sat there shocked. "dear, m-may we have a-a talk with Cal alone here" my mom said to Aug. everyone in the room was close to tears. Auggy just nodded and went upstairs. i could hear her sobs already. "Do you see what you've done!?!?" my dad screamed at me. "That poor girl won't have a life now!"

"Dad i-" my mom cut me off "What are you going to do?" she shook her head. "we're not letting you ruin your life like this" she said. "wh-what do you mean?" i stuttered, afraid of the answer i was about to receive.

"i mean" she sighed. " that you can either go live a life with her, or you stay with us... without the child." she said disappointed. "Mom no!!" i screamed. " you- you can't do this!"

"son, i" my dad started. "no! you can't make me decide these kind of things!" tears started rolling down my cheeks and off my face. "i'm sorry.... but you have to" my mom said, unable to look at me. "mom." i cried. my parents stopped talking to me. they wouldn't until i made the decision.

A/N oh my gosh there's so much drama in this chapter! haha i really hope you enjoy and i'll update very soon. thanks for reading! tell me what you think!!

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