Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


8. 7


Aug is doing... okay i guess. it's been two weeks since she moved in with Calum and they've been fighting a lot more often. i told her maybe you just need to give each other space, but of course she didn't listen to her always right best friend.

"Auggy, you know what?" i asked her as we ate in the mall cafeteria. we went on a shopping day, just the two of us.

"what" she said with a mouth full of food.

"let's go get our hair dyed" i said. i've never done it before, but Aug always begs me to do it with her.

"oh my god, are you serious!?" she said excitedly.

"Ya, let's go!" i said, picking up all of our trash.


we got to the salon, and i sighed, thinking how i would miss my natural deep brown hair.

"you ok?" she asked me.

"yeah. i'll miss my hair" i giggled. she laughed too.

"hi, welcome to the Sydney Spa & Salon. how may we be at your service?" a woman asked sweetly.

"oh ya i'm a regular here, we're gonna get two hair dyes please and thank you" August said.

"your names please?"

"August Cameron, and Jenna Sage" Aug smiled back.

"okay. come right this way" a different woman led us to two different chairs.

August got her hair dyed to a soft pink. it looked really good on her. i got my hair dyed with deep blue at the top that ombred to a light blue into a green at the very bottom.

"you're hair looks so good!" August told me. i couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror.

"wha- oh! thanks yours does too!" i said. she laughed at me and we went back to my house to hang out. she walked to Calum's house after. he lives on the same street as me.


i walked into the Hood residence. luckily, Cal and i weren't in a fight right now. we'd been doing that a lot lately. i walked up into our room.

"hi" i said tired and laid in his bed.

"hey." he said. he looked at me quickly and then looked away, but then quickly back.

"babe, your hair looks amazing!" he exclaimed and kissed the top of my head. i blushed and looked down.

"thanks" i smiled.

"it also looks quite sexy" he smirked.

i giggled and we started to make out. "wanna have a little fun?" he said between breaths. "oh yeah" i smirked

*2 months later*


summer is coming to an end. it made me really sad because i'm gonna miss it so much. i didn't have that great of an end to my summer. i've been getting sick every morning for the past couple weeks.

"yeah, i don't know what's wrong with me!" i said to Jenna as i sat on her bathroom floor next to her toilet.

"um Auggy..." she said.

"yeah?" i asked.

"have you and Cal, ya know, done it lately?" she said awkwardly.

"well, not since the beginning of summer..." i trailed off.

"Aug you might wanna take a pregnancy test" Jenna said and looked around for one.

"wait woah woah woah woah. do you really think i could be? i can't be i'm 19!! We used protection!!" i started to panic. i'm so young! i don't need a baby.

"you know maybe your just sick. it'll be okay." Jenna handed me a tester.

"do you know how to use this?" she asked me. i gulped loudly and nodded. i took the test.

"it doesnt say anything" i said blankly.

"it takes a couple minutes" she laughed.

we waited about five minutes and i checked the tester.

"it's blue. what does blue mean?!" i panicked. hopefully it means negative.

"i dunno check the box!" she seemed excited. i'm not really sure why, this isn't a good time to get happy.

i checked the box. blue meant.....

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