Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


6. 6


i sat in the quiet waiting room. my eyes were watering. i let just a few tears escape my eye before i wiped them away.

"Is there a Mr or Mrs Cameron waiting for Miss Cameron?" a man in scrubs asked.

"oh uh that's me" i stood up.

"Are you family?" he said.

"well.. no but i brought her here, i'm waiting for her." they had to let me see her.

he sighed " okay. she's in room 114. down this hall to the left side" he directed me.

"thank you, is she okay?" i questioned.

"yeah. she just has some bruising along her cheek and a mild concussion" he sighed. he seemed tired. it was midnight now.

"thanks" i said and entered her room. Aug looked pretty beat up, still beautiful. she was sleeping peacefully.

i rushed to her side and gently rubbed her soft hands. her eyes began to flutter open.

"Auggy!" i whisper-yelled. "how do you feel?"

"i'm ok" she smiled. " can we go home now? i- i mean your house?" she said softly.

" no, you mean home" i squeezed her hand. "yeah. lets go home"



i was exhausted. we just arrived at Calum's house. i looked over to him. his dark hair was messy yet perfect. i was staring.

"what?" he giggled.

"oh. nothing." i trailed off. my head hurts.

"oh. c'mon. let's get you inside" he walked over to my side of the car, opened my door, grabbed my bag, and picked me up bridal style. we walked up to his room, but he smacked my feet on the doorway.

"ow!" i laughed.

"sorry, sorry" he chuckled. he put me down on the bed. i kissed him softly and we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

we woke up in the morning around 10:00.

"Shit" i whispered.

"what? what's wrong?" he said worried

"what about school?"

"honey, its the second to last day of school. plus, we're injured." he laughed.

"yeah you're right" i tried sitting up, but it made me feel nautious. i groaned.

" easy. just lay back down" he said to me. "i'll go make breakfast"

i sat up a little and turned on the tv but it gave me a headache. i turned the brightness and volume way down. it felt better now.

"here you are" he placed a tray of pancakes, strawberries and whipped cream with a smoothie across my lap.

"thanks" i sat up and kissed his nose.

"your welcome love" he sat down next to me and took a bite of my pancakes.

"hey!" i yelled. he just laughed and cuddled up to me.

"gosh can you turn on the air conditioning?" i said fanning my face.

"ha. sure" he rolled over to the thermostat and turned it on.

"Calum why arent you in sch- oh. hello August dear. what are you doing here? you guys arent at school?" Mrs Hood walked in.

"Mum, Auggy's gonna stay with us. she got a concussion, so i stayed home to take care of her." Cal said politely. he's so sweet.

"oh. okay lovies. feel better dear"

"thank you" i said shyly. i'm not that close with his parents. Mrs. Hood is very sweet, but i don't think Mr. hood is a fan of me.

"babe?" Cal said. my thoughts were interrupted.

"Yes Hoodie?" i sometimes call him that.

"whatcha doing? thinking hard?"

"oh. oh no" i laughed a little.

"how u feeling?" he said thoughtfully.

"eh. i'll be better soon" i responded.

"good." he kissed my head.


A/N hey guys! do you have any ideas that could add to this story? let me know!! xoxox

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