Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


4. 4


Luke was coming over to the couch where me and Aug were sitting.

"sup dude" i said. he nodded back to me and i turned my head back towards the screen. i saw that kiss. August looked like she enjoyed it. and Luke, he definitely did. Damnit! he's not allowed to do that! or

maybe he didn't. i dunno. i looked down at Aug and she looked up at me. i think she could tell what was on my mind. she sat up a little and kissed me. while her lips were still touching mine she said " it didn't even compare to your kiss" i smiled and kissed her once more, Luke glanced over and then stared. i pretended not to see him and we went back to Mean Girls. it just ended.

"What do we watch now?" Danny said.

"Mean Girls 2?" Mike suggested.

" Ew no! That doesn't even like come close to how good the first one is!" Aug yelled.

"Okay okay!" Ashton said. " Lets just watch Pitch Perfect"

"Omg thats my favorite movie ever" Luke said a girly voice. we all laughed.


it was getting late, we had school tomorrow. me and Aug got into my car, i was gonna drive her home.

"Cal?" Aug asked me.

"Yeah babe?" i said

"look, i havent really told anyone this.... my parents.... they don't..."

"wait wait are they hurting you or something?" i flipped out.

"no, no its just... they're not around for me. i live alone basically. they stay in my basement doing god knows what. they pay the bills and everything, but they don't cook, clean, even talk to me. i dont wanna be with them. do you think that i could... stay with you?" she blurted out. i was taken aback.

"Y- yeah! yeah of course! no one should be treated like that. Oh my god why did you never tell me?"

" i was scared" she started to teAr up. " b-bu-but i-im afraid they, they mi-might try to hurt me if i leave" a single tear rolled down her cheek. right before it hit her mouth i wiped it away. i pulled into her driveway. "c'mon. let's pack you up!" i patted her thigh and opened my door. she smiled a bit and got out of my car.

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