Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


3. 3


"But seriously let's play" Calum said.

we were at Ashton's house with the boys, my friend Jenna, and this girl Ashton met at a club named Danny. she seemed really sweet, i was meeting her for the first time tonight.

i was dressed in my light blue washed jeans and a dark grey tube top with an off white open sweater over it. i also had on my gray converses and purple eyeshadow to match my hair. Luke forgave Calum and i think he likes someone else now. anyways...

"Ya let's do it" Luke said. we all scooted from the couches into a circle on the floor. i sat in between Luke and Calum.

"Ummmm... here i'll start.." Mikey said. " Danny, truth or dare?" he asked her.

"Hmmmm.. truth" she said a little shyly.

" ok let's see. would you go out with Ashton?" he said smirking.

Both of there faces went red and Danny quietly said " yeah"

" I CANT HEAR YOU!!" Calum said playfully.

"yes" she said louder, smiling.

awwwww. Ashton grabbed hold of her hand.

"ok well. Ashton. truth or dare"

" ooooo tough decision. truth" he responded.

"booooo!" we all yelled. "weeaak!" Luke yelled. we all started laughing.

"ok, would you go out with me?" she smiled.

he pretended to think for a minute. "why, yes. yes i would" she giggled and he kissed her.

"awwwww" i sang.

" okay okay. Luke, truth or dare?" Ashton asked.

"Dare!" he yelled.

" okay i hope Calum doesn't mind this.... i dare you to kiss August!" he said.

me, calum's and luke's faces all turned tomato red.

"it won't mean anything i promise" i whispered to Calum and then leaned closer to Luke. Luke smashed his lips on mine. I knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.

it was a good three second kiss before i pulled away. i just sat there for a second looking into his eyes. then i quickly went back to Calum. his face burned bright.

" okay anyways, um Luke, your turn."

Luke just sat there stunned. what was he doing?! Luke, earth to Luke! i hope he didn't enjoy that kiss. i hope i didn't enjoy that kiss! C'mon Luke, Calum will get pissed at you if he knows you liked it!

"wha-? oh! oh yeah right! um Mikey truth or dare?" thank god he spoke.

Damnit Hemmings.


shit. shit shit shit! did i enjoy it? no, no this is bad. i cant like her. i cant! thats not right to my friends. why did she have to be so likable? "okay um anyways, Luke it's your turn" but i couldn't speak. the kiss, i felt fireworks. i could see them inside my head. it was wrong, i know. What the hell Ashton? why'd he make us do it?

we continued the game, but we gave up on it and watched Mean Girls. not my type of movie, but the girls enjoyed it. they all snuggled with their boyfriends, and i was with a pillow. great. Aug gave me a pouty face and patted the empty seat on the couch where her and Cal were. i got up and sat with him.

"sup dude" Cal said and watched the movie. i gave him the sup nod and watched.

i dont hate you because your fat, your fat because i hate you. the movie said.

"HAHAHAH" everyone burst out laughing.

" okay, thats officially my favorite line" i said.


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