Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


2. 2



why did i say that. to my best friend. i mentioned his bitch ass soon to be ex and now he probably hates me. screw probably, of course he does. craaaaap. why.

i sat on the bean bag chair in Aug's room where Luke was sitting before he left. i heard Aug come up the stairs.

i jumped up. "Babe! how is he? is he really hurt? i'm so sorry" i asked her a million questions.

" he's.... ok i guess. sad still. and you shouldn't apologize to me, you should to him. but not now he needs space i think." August said. she's so sweet and nice. her light purple hair that was dark purple underneath was so beautiful. she was so beautiful.

" you're right. thanks." i said shamefully.

"Now c'mon. let's do something." she sat down in a bean bag chair and stared at me, looking happy.

"What? you wanna make out?" i said jokingly even though i really did want to.

"hmmmmm" she thought. "well, i dunno" man, she really wants me to beg her. well im gonna play her back.

"fine whatever" i said smirking.

"ugh come here you" she pulled me over and started to kiss me.



August's a really good friend. she cheers me up all the time and stuff. i'm really happy for her and Calum. i just wish i could find someone as good for me as they are for each other. before Amy, i just kinda slept around with girls. one night sorta things. but then i really thought i found someone who was right for me. I mean, yeah, we made out a lot and stuff but we also held hands, cuddled, went on romantic dates. i gave her my heart one day, i told her i loved her. then the next day i feel like she decided no, i don't like him. I dont get it! whatever. i guess i should move on. but to who? i can't find anyone who's funny, sweet, caring, beautiful, cuddly. except for maybe August.... no. no! i cant think like that! she's my best friend! she's dating my other best friend! i cant. no. why am i thinking this. make it stop. i guess i've had feelings for her for awhile, i've just been denying it. but i know i can't actually do anything about it... right? ugh yes right i shouldn't even be considering it. end of topic.

2 weeks later


the boys and their girlfriends are coming over tonight. Cal, August, Mikey, Jenna, and Luke. This girl i like, Danny, is coming over too but i can't tell if she likes me back. i dunno.

i sat in my living room waiting for them to show. *Ding Dong* there goes my door bell.

Everyone showed up at once. it was like a big swarm of my friends coming in. we all got together back in the living room.

"What should we do?" Luke asked

"TRUTH OR DARE" Mikey screamed.

"Shut up Clifford, you'll wake the whole damn neighborhood" Aug joked. everyone laughed.

"But seriously, lets play." Calum said.

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