Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


19. 16


Calum led me down a hallway and into a big movie theater. "They're playing your favorite." Calum smiled down at me as we got seated. We were all alone. Pitch perfect was playing, but it morphed into videos of Calum and I. First our good times. Us laughing, kissing, cuddling. The time he got me out of my house. Then it slowly turned into our fights. We were yelling, me crying, Cal punching a wall. "Calum i don't like this turn it off." Calum looked at me with a devious grin. "Never babe." The video kept rolling. The arguments were worse. Calum hit me across the face in it. We screamed words at each other. Vanes in our foreheads were visible. I sobbed. The video kept playing, and playing. Arguments i didn't even know happened were showed. "I don't want to see this!" I screamed and tried to run away. Calum held my arms down. "STOP!" I screamed. Someone else came and tried to pull me away. It was dark and I couldn't see them. "Help!" I yelled. Calum held tight, but the other person grabbed my shoulders and pulled me, shook my shoulders. "August." Their voice said quietly.

"August!" I awoke abruptly from my horrifying nightmare. Luke was hovering over me holding me by my arms. I was drenched in sweat, my clothes and hair were soaked. My cheeks were stained with tears, and i immediately hugged Luke, letting out sobs into his chest. "Shhhh. You're okay. It was only a dream." He comforted me. "I-It w-was Calum. W-we were f-fighting and, and he wouldn't let me go." I cried. "Okay, okay, you're okay. Shhhh." Luke sat down on the bed and sat me in his lap, cradling me like a little kid. He rocked me in his arms and sang Beside You until I calmed down fully. "What time is it?" I asked quietly. "It doesn't matter. Just go back to sleep." He said softly. We were now laying down, I shifted to lay by his side and he held me tight in both of his arms. His light snores soon echoed throughout my quiet room. I think it was my room at least. It was so dark it could've been his too, I was too tired to remember. I slowly drifted to sleep, Calum still stirring in the very back of my mind.


Sorry for that short chapter haha, i just wanted to do a little filling in.

I'll update more soon, thanks for reading!

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