Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


18. 15


*A month later*

Ma and I are living in my house again. My da- I mean David still hasn't returned, and I thank The Lord almost daily for it. I've been spending my days here cleaning mostly. I can't stand the stench of beer and cigarettes anymore since I'm no longer used to it. Luke comes and helps me, while our moms are out gardening in my yard or something.

I finally recolored my hair to a bleached blond look. I like it like this. My hair was originally auburn, but I didn't like it since I looked like my dad. I dyed it first when I was fourteen.

I hummed along to my headphones as i vacuumed the nasty basement. Luke still wasn't here yet. He comes by everyday... Where could he be? I had my volume about halfway up and the vacuum was roaring. Suddenly large hands wrapped around me from behind, one around my stomach and one covering my mouth. I tried screaming but it was no use, they had their hand tight over my lips. I began to throw a fit, my legs thrashing around and my arms pounding into their legs, my headphones shook off in the process and the beat of Headband still played in my mind. I bit down on their fingers hard and they finally let go. This all happened in about five seconds. "Auggy, chill. Shhh it's okay it's just me." Luke giggled at my fit. "What the fuck, Luke!?" I yelled, "I thought you were my god damn father trying to take me away!?" I gasped. "Babe, I'm sorry, I was just playing around, I didn't mean to scare you like that." he opened his arms out to me which I gladly entered and started to cry. I was very emotional lately and there was no point in trying to hold my tears back, there was sad written all over my face. "I thought he was gonna take me away from you" i sobbed. "Shhh. You're okay." Luke rubbed my back. He held on to me but walked us over to the vacuum that was still running and turned it off.

I was too exhausted to keep cleaning, I had been scrubbing every corner since two weeks ago when I decided our house was too unbearable to keep it that way. "Wanna stay the night?" Luke asked me implying that I slept over like i had been since my house is gross still. "Sounds good to me." I giggled. "Oh, you know what? I'm hanging with some people tonight, wanna come along?" I hesitated. Honestly I'm never really in the mood for hanging out with people, plus I have the slightest baby bump so i just look fat. "I dunno..." "Please, c'mon? I'm doing this out of concern for you. As your bestest friend with benefits" he smirked at me " I have to make sure that you get a large dose of social interaction once and a while." He gave me the 'you know you wanna' look. I guess I am just Luke's friend with the benefit of making out, and cuddling, and kisses on the nose and forehead, and sleeping in the same bed. We practically are a 'chill couple'. Like, we're together, but it's not official.

"August Cameron i know whats on your mind." Luke looked over to me from the other end of the couch that was just recently cured of its beer stains. "Oh do you now?" I said playfully. "Yeah, I know that look." "What look?" I doubt he actually knows what's on my mind. That I'm dying to be with him, I'm dying to be his. He told me he'd do anything to be mine, but he isn't even mine yet. Was all he said just a 'caught up in the moment' kind of thing? Before I knew it Luke was off the couch and crouching down before me. "Aug... Will you uhm.. Do me a kind favor?" He's probably gonna ask me to go somewhere else with him too. I nodded my head and flashed a mini-smile. "Will you uhm.. you know.. Do you wanna um.." "Go on, go on." I assured him. "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" He blurted out. Yeah, I was still into Calum a tiny bit, but at this moment every part of my body said yes. The butterflies were back and crazier than ever. The corners of my smile touched my ears, and I nodded my head over and over again and again. He pulled me in for a hug and a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Okay, I lied to you.." Luke said randomly. "About what?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "Uhm, the small friend gathering you agreed to go to?" "Yeah what about it?" "Well uhm, it's more of a party..." Oh god. The last time I went to a party it was with Calum... "Who's throwing it?" It depends on the person. I want to know someone there besides Luke. "Mikey is.." Yay Mikey! That means Jenna and Ashton will probably be there too. "Oh fun. Let's still go."

*In Mikey's Driveway later that night*

My mind raced as Luke led me to the front door. We didn't bother knocking, the music was so loud that you could hear it outside clearly and no one would hear the bangs. What if people i hated were there? What if some of the jerk guys from our old school were there?

Honestly, I'd barely seen Mikey, Ashton, or Jenna since I moved in temporarily with Luke. I barely left the house actually. My feet were always sore and my heart was always feeling broken, I wasn't in the mood for social interactions. I spotted Danny right away, I guess her and Ashton are still together. "I'll meet up with you in a few." I commented to Luke. "Okay, keep your phone on vibrate incase I need you." He kissed my cheek and disappeared into the crowd of drunk and sweaty bodies. "Hey D!" I yelled to her. "August! Heyyy" she giggled, she stumbled her way over to me, obviously drunk. "You're not with Ashton?" I tried making normal conversation, but that was difficult because she wouldn't stop tripping as she stood still. "He's sssomewheree" she swayed. I never really thought of her as someone who would let herself get drunk, Danny was a quiet girl so maybe that's why she can't control herself while she's under the influence. "Sweetie why don't I take you to find him." I was talking to her like she was a little kid, and I began to pull her through the crowd.

We were in the area where strobe lights were on and the music was loudest and I walked right into Luke. "Hey, haven't seen you in awhile." He kidded and grabbed onto my hips lightly, his breath smelling like beer. I pushed his hands off my hips for a second. "How many drinks have you had?" I crossed my arms over my slightly exposed chest. "Babe, chillll." He smiled. "Ugh fine." I grabbed onto his shirt and pulled his lips to hover over mine. "Fuck your sexy." He breathed and started to make out with me. He squeezed my butt and we started to dance on each other. Another boy walked over and started to grind on me. At first i brushed him off, but he kept doing it. "Can you back off?" I said impatiently. "Never, babe." The words echoed in my mind, and the familiar voice was even more horrifying.

The green grass tickled against my back as I laid next to my new love under the stars. The cool breeze felt good against my pink cheeks. "They really are beautiful." I mumbled looking up at the dark sky filled with silvery stars. "So are you." He said and intertwined our fingers. "Are we ever gonna break up?" "Never, babe."

The man on me was Calum. I just froze in fear, I was so in love with both the boys on either side of me. But I loved Luke more... "Get off me, Calum." I pushed him away and dragged Luke through everyone and out the door with me. The night breeze felt so cooling to my sweating body. I couldn't breath, and I was about to start crying. "Calum was grinding on me in there." I said quietly to him. "He was WHAT? You're my girl, not his. He doesn't deserve you. I'll take care of-" Cal walked outside and joined us. "Whatcha doing here with Lukey?" Calum wrapped an arm around my waist and he began to fill the air with the smell of weed and alcohol. "Like i said back in there, get off me!" I pushed him hard in the chest and he tripped over his own feet and fell to the grass. "Why can't I be near my girl?" He giggled. "Your girl? YOUR GIRL!?" I totally lost it. "I am NOT your girl! YOU got me pregnant and then YOU kicked me out and now I am NOT your GIRL!!!" He rubbed his eyes, dumbfounded. "What are you talking about?" He stuttered. "She said, you guys broke up so back off!" Luke joined in. "Bro, chill." Calum said with this weird, deep voice that sounded nothing like himself. "Right now I'm not your bro! You broke her heart a while ago and now you're fucking crawling back to her drunk and high. You're not leaving August alone like she told you to!" Luke obviously had some things to say to him. Calum began to stand back up off the ground, and completely pounced on Luke, both of them hitting the grass hard. Calum straddled Luke and threw his first punch, but Luke somehow in his drunk state still caught the punch and thrusted Cal off of him and flipped to kneel over him. Luke lifted his fist to punch and looked into Calum's hurt eyes, and did something I was so proud of him for. "I'm not going to hit you. But I am going to say this: Leave August alone. You've put her through enough shit already. I'm telling you now, her and I are dating, so don't you dare touch her or I will hit you." And with that he linked arms with me and pulled me away. "Dating?" Was all I could hear come out of Cal's mouth.

"Luke wait." I paused and stopped walking. "Yeah?" "Shouldn't we at least give him a ride home? He's all... drunk and stuff." I tried to say it cool-ly but my voice was obviously full of concern. I just didn't want Calum having drunk sex and ruining another girls life like mine. "Fine" he grunted and I went back for Calum. "You guys are dating?" Was all he said when I helped him to his feet. "Calum im gonna take you home n-" "Answer my question." He said and stopped walking. "I said I can take you home now if you-" "tell me! The girl i love and my best mate are dating?" The girl he loves? He still loves me? "Calum..." I looked into his sad eyes and felt so guilty. I don't know why though, it's not my fault i happened to fall in love with Luke, and it sure as hell wasn't MY fault that me and Cal broke up. "Are you?" "Yeah." I said with a whisper. Calum started crying. "August Im sorry! Please take me back. Please!" He begged, him having voice cracks with almost every word. "No Calum i wont! You didn't want to be with me when I needed you most! When I didn't have a house, or parents or anyone to turn to! When I was pregnant with your baby and you kicked me out, does that ring any bells? The person who WAS there was Luke. He was the one who let me stay as long as I wanted to, the one who cradled me in his arms after every single one of my bad dreams. The one who cared for me, when you were the one who did the opposite. I'm sorry. But you're just going to have to find someone else's heart to play around with." And with that, I walked away. Tears burned my eyes and threatened to fall, but they never did. I got in the driver's seat of the car and waited for Luke, who ended up actually taking Cal with us. He sat him in the back and then got up front with me. Calum cried back there, sobbing loudly actually. I don't even think he noticed I was the one driving. I made the drive down the road that was all too familiar to me, and pulled into the driveway of the house that's featured in all of my nightmares.

Calum stumbled to his doorstep and looked back at me with his beautiful brown eyes, begging me one last time to be his. I just shook my head slightly and pulled away, leaving the boy that once gave me so much to look forward to and now gives me so much to dread.

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