Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


17. 14


GUESS WHAT?!? I actually really missed writing this story so I've decided to keep updating it. Enjoy this new chapter!


Life wasn't supposed to be like this. I was gonna go to college, get my degree, get a nice job, settle down with my boyfriend, the one I love the most in my life, and then have beautiful children. But here I am, pregnant at nineteen with my ex boyfriends baby, my best friend laying unconscious at my fingertips, my dad running out the door and disappearing forever.

"Luke, please wake up." I caressed his red cheek, hoping that in some fairytale-like way he'd come alive at my touch. I knew he wasn't dead, and I knew he wasn't dying, but i'd rather him having his arms around me, comforting me, than the other way around. I know this is selfish of me but he's the only person who can comfort me when I have a bad dream or get that feeling that life's going downhill right about now. I decided that i'd try to take him to the couch in my living room, but he was just too heavy for me. In fear of somehow hurting my baby by working too hard, I gathered some couch cushions and made a mini bed for him on the floor. I laid him down gently. Luke let out a low groan, and I knew he was awake and felt the pain of his head. We're lucky he didn't get any bits of glass stuck in his skin. Some grazed across his head and cut him, but overall he'll be okay.

I jumped to his side. "Luke!" i said excitedly. He squinted at me, but then suddenly widened his eyes like he was remembering something. "Where's your father?" He sat up quickly but i gently pushed him back down. "He's gone. He ran away. What a coward." I shook my head in disgust. Luke put one hand to his head. "Did my head get cut bad?" he questioned, clearly concerned by the blood on his hand. "No, no. You're okay." I smiled down at him, and pushed some of my faded pink hair behind my ear. "August?" he said in a firn voice that surprised me a little. Him saying my name gave me these butterflies that start in my stomach and erupt through me like and explosion and I can't explain why. "Lucas?" He hated it when i called him that. "Thank you." He sat up slowly and I squatted lower to be at his head level. "For what?" I giggled and sat cross-legged so he was taller than me like he usually is. "For being my best friend." There they were again, the butterflies. They pounded against my skin and my head, threatening to explode me. "It has been my pleasure." I smiled. Then he did something so unexpected, yet so amazing. He caressed my cheek, and leaned in to plant a passionate kiss on my lips. And that's when they did it. The butterflies exploded and turned into fireworks that glowed in my mind. Neither of us pulled away for almost a minute until our lungs had no more air. He looked down after, but i grabbed his chin softly and made him look into my eyes. "Now that, was a kiss!" I giggled. He smiled. "I've wanted to do that again ever since our first kiss during that truth or dare game." My cheeks were now roses, and the corners of my smile were touching my ears. "I don't want to ruin this special moment, but if you choose to be with me-" i pointed to my stomach "you're choosing to be with this little fella too." I just wanted to remind him that he'd be with my baby as long as he's with me. "August Cameron, I am shocked! You needn't remind me. I would do anything to be with you, even if that means i'm starting a family at this age. Anything." He placed both his hands on my temples and kissed my forehead. There go those butterflies again. "Oh, Luke. I think i've fallen for you." "And to you, m'lady." I scooted closer to him on my floor, and wrapped my self in his arms. We sat there in each others embrace for what seemed like hours, and I didn't mind.

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