Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


12. 11


Luke didn't freak out like i thought he would when i told him i was pregnant. i thought he would be all like 'wtf were you thinking!' or something i dunno. but he wasn't. he's a good friend to me.

we went down to his kitchen where his mom was making waffles. "so August, my dear, what's the matter about why you stayed the night? not that it wasn't okay i don't mind at all but i'm just curious about the matter." Mrs. Hemmings said to me. i wasn't very comfortable answering. i looked down and rubbed my arm. Luke walked up to his mum and whispered in her ear all the reasons. "oh my." she whispered. she looked over to me. "Auggy sweetheart you are welcome to stay here as long as you'd like. and sorry if i was a bit rash last night i was a bit tired as all" she laughed. i giggled a little and said my thank you. "Well, let's eat i'm starving" Mrs Hemmings claimed. Luke rolled his eyes and gestured for me to sit down next to him at their kitchen table.

"mmm these waffles are delicious" i pointed out as i stuffed my face. "yeah they really are. nice cooking mum" Luke agreed. Liz (Mrs Hemmings) just laughed at us.

When we finished the meal, i helped clean up and then Luke took me up to his room. "What should we do? i'm bored." Luke sighed. "i dunno. go for a walk?" i suggested. "okay." we started on our way outside. we wandered the streets around his neighborhood and beyond. as we continued, Luke and i reached my house. it kind of scared me thinking of my bad memories that lied within. but i thought about my helpless mother. what if she's hurt? "Luke!" i said louder than i intended. "what? you ok?" he replied. "yeah sorry i didnt mean to yell. but can we maybe go inside and check on my mom? i'm not sure how she's doing. my dad might be hurting her" i said, worried. "yeah. but if your dad tries to hurt either one of us, we're leaving. i don't want you or your baby getting injured." he stated. "okay" i said.

we entered the house which luckily was unlocked. i looked around downstairs but there was no sign of anyone. i went up to my old bedroom and saw that everything laid untouched where it was when i left it about 3 months ago. i gasped. "the basement!" i thought to myself. that's where they'd be. "what?" Luke said, confused. "if anywhere my parents would be down in the basement." "alright let's check there." normally my parents, actually i don't want to really call my dad that, David and Mom wouldn't let me down there but they don't nessisairily control me anymore. Luke took the lead going down there because i was a bit afraid. we had a finished basement with a couch, tv, mini fridge, etc. i wasn't surprised by what i saw when i got down there. my dad was lying asleep on the couch with a bunch of potato chips lying on top of him and beer spilt everywhere. my mom was sitting on the floor running her fingers through her hair. she looked up and saw me. her face lit up and a smile formed on her lips. "mom!" i whisper-yelled. she got up and came over to me. she didn't hug me, she just kind of took in the sight of me. i guess she still wasn't talking. "mom. are you doing okay here?" she shrugged a little. "do you want to leave?" Luke asked. she nodded shyly and i smiled. "c'mon ma let's go." we helped her pack some belongings and we took her away from the small house with the aroma of beer and cigarettes. i wonder how my dad was going to react to this.


we walked Mrs Cameron back to my house where we could get a good look at her. her once auburn hair was beginning to turn gray with stress and age. "ma i wanna tell you what i've done since i left home. and then i hope that you will tell me what you have. is that okay?" Aug asked her mother. she gave a slight nod. we were sat at my kitchen table with my mom hovering behind us listening to our conversation. "okay. i stayed at Calum's house up until yesterday. the reason why i left was because Cal got me pregnant at the beginning of the summer and when he told his parents they said basically that i had to leave and Jenna wasn't home so i came here late last night. i also got my hair colored pink as you can see" Aug spilled out every single detail to her mom. her mom looked a little saddened at the fact that she got pregnant, but not horrified, which is good i guess. "okay Mom, now can you tell me what you have been doing?" Aug asked, hoping that her mother would talk again. her mother let out a sigh. "i" she started with but coughed "i have stayed home." she said plainly. Auggy's face lit up. "Ma you talked!" she squealed and hugged her. "why didn't you for so long?" Aug asked. "honey, your father... told me if i talked then he would... hit me because apparently my voice is annoying. i didn't wanna risk it even when we were alone because i was afraid he'd somehow find out that i did" her mom said with watery eyes. "This is no man you speak of. this guy is a cruel, evil human being with no right to be on this earth. real men don't hit women!" i yelled. it felt good to get that off my chest. "you are 100% right." Aug said. "mum he never hit you did he?" she asked her mother. Mrs Cameron burst out crying and nodded her head. they embraced each other as Auggy started crying too and i left so they could be alone. August's father will not get away with this. he's going down.

A/N: i added some Luke drama in here in between him and Aug's father. i hope you enjoy this chapter and this whole story so far! don't forget to like and favorite! thanks for reading everyone and i'll update soon:)

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