Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


11. 10


i couldn't hear their conversation since i had gone upstairs and closed the bedroom door. i could hear only faint, shaky voices. the voices came to a stop and i could hear Calum's foot steps coming up the stairs. i was pacing back and forth, biting my nails. it was a bad habit and i stopped for a while but being stressed out brought it back to me. Cal walked through the door with puffy eyes and wet cheeks. "what's happening Cal? what are we gonna do?" i said in a shaky voice.

"Auggy. my parents.... they said either go off with you, o-or..... stay with my parents... without you" he cried. i was shocked at what words were coming out of his mouth. his parents were never like this! "Cal. this... no. you're parents aren't like that! they- they'd surely understand! i- i mean if they were kicked out then... then they'd know how bad it is! why would they do this!" i yelled. Cal looked surprised. i normally don't yell this loud i guess.

He ran his fingers through his hair and let out an angry sigh. "what do i do here?" he begged me for an answer. "Cal. this isn't my decision. it's yours." i breathed. there was so much stress here, i could barely take it. "i love you, so, so much baby" he grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it " and i would do anything for you. but... i- i want to live my life, you know? this is too much for me. i'm so sorry, but i'm staying here. with my parents.... without you" he said to me. i ripped my hand from his grasp. " Are you fucking kidding me!?" i screamed. "you did this to me! i sure as hell don't want this either. i wanna live my life too! you're just gonna dessert me!? leave me stranded alone!? i don't have family! i barely have any friends! this baby's gonna want a father to raise him! i can't believe you. i'm leaving!" i ranted. i packed all of my belongings and started for the door. "Auggy!" Cal yelled and grabbed my arm to keep me inside. "what?" i spat. "just know, i still love you." he said. "oh really? if you loved me then you wouldn't leave me like this." i shook my arm from him and walked out of the door. tears were again streaming down my face and my vision was blurred. it had to be 3 am by now. i walked fast to Jenna's house and banged on the door. her parents were away in Rome for a month. "Jenna!" i sobbed and pounded harder on the screen door. she wasn't answering. great. i have no where, no one.

i kept my head down and walked, not knowing where i was wandering. i didn't care anymore. i never stopped crying, my cheeks and hair were soaked. after a while my feet started to hurt. i realized that i was on Luke's street. i got to his house and rang the door bell. after about five minutes, a tired looking Luke dressed in boxers came to the door. "Auggy what are you doing here?" he said yawning but then saw my tears. he didn't bother asking why they were there, he only pulled me into a hug and took me inside. "Luke who the hell is at the door at this ungodly hour!?" his mom yelled from upstairs. "August?" she breathed. my eyes held no more tears, so i wiped the old ones away and just kind of stood there. "Luke, can i please just stay here for the rest of the night? i'm not really in the mood for explaining everything right now." "oh. oh yeah um sure. you can just like.. sleep with me i guess." he said to me. "okay" i said quietly.



i woke up the next morning with a warm August snuggled up into my chest. it was around 10 am. thank god we didn't have school today or else i would've had zero sleep. i didn't want to wake Aug up because i doubt she got any sleep before she came to my house. i wonder why she came here. maybe her and Calum got into another fight. she'd only slept here once before. that was last summer when both Cal and Jenna were on vacation and she didn't want to be around her drunk dad. i sat up slowly trying not to wake her, but she did anyways. she stretched out across my queen-sized bed. " what time is it?" she yawned.

"eh, around 10." i replied. "so... you wanna tell me why you showed up to my house sobbing at 4 in the morning?" i asked curiously. she took in a deep, shaky breath and her eyes started to water a little. "well.. im pregnant.... and Cal's parents said he could either be with me or stay with his parents, they- they made him choose and then he chose to 'have a life' and stay with his parents and- and Jenna wasn't around and i didn't know where to go and i-" she started to cry and i interupted her. "shhhh." i said and hugged her. "you can stay here. i mean, if you want to?" i suggested.

"thanks." she gave me a little smile and wiped her tears with her sleeve. "well. a pregnant woman's gotta eat right?" i patted her leg and she laughed a little. "let's go get breakfast"

A/N: man, that was kind of intense! i gave a very long chapter here, and i hope you enjoy it! thanks for reading everyone!

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