The city of Angels

Los Angeles is full of beautiful people with their ugly souls...


1. First day of school.

- What would you like to do today?-asks guy as he entered his girlfriend’s house.

- I would like to go to school.-she grins and hugs her boy.- We still study there, Dan.

- You study, they expelled me today.-brunette stands aside to let her know that he doesn’t want her tenderness.

- What? But what happened?-she asks worriedly.

- Mister Wilson came to me and said I don’t study at that school anymore.

- Simply? He couldn’t do that.-girl crosses her arms over her chest.- What you did?

- I just painted on the walls of school… That’s normal!-he exclaims.

- Are you crazy?! It’s school property’s defacing, Dan, you can’t just come at school and paint on the walls!

- You know,-he smiles.- Today I understood that we can’t be together.

- Dan…

- Bye.

He hangs the bag on his shoulder and leaves his ex-girlfriend’s house. Girl wipes a tear which managed to slip on her cheeks, takes the bag and leaves the house after Dan.


- How was your vacation?-Jessica closes her locker and looks at Amanda.

- Great, but Dan broke up with me today.-Amanda answers sadly.

- He always was a douchebag.

- He was my boyfriend!

- And I’m sorry.-Jessica hugs her friend.- You’ll find another… There are a lot of boys.

They’re going to the class of biology when a guy bumps into them, Harry, Jessica liked him for a long time. Curly, high, with green eyes… What else do you want?

- Sorry, ladies.-Harry smiles.

- Go where you were going.-snarls Amanda and he leaves still smiling.

- He’s so cute, why you did that?-asks Jessica when they are entering the class.

- I hate all of the boys right now!-Amanda throws her book on the table and seats.- All of them!

A blonde girl comes into the classroom wearing her high heel shoes. Some guys whistle, but she doesn’t care about it. She seats and puts the bag on the table.

- How did you spend your summer, Nicki?-asks Jessica.

- Awful. Kent took me on a terrible Caribbean resort where we were fishing! Oh gosh, I broke up with him as soon as we landed in Miami.

- Yeah. Cool.-Amanda sighs.

- What’s wrong with you?-Nicki looks at her friend.

- Dan broke up with her.

- Finally!-Nicki exclaims.

- Hey! Stop it!-Amanda raises her head.- Where is Kelly?


Kelly – it’s me. And right now I’m running to school because I’m really late. My brother left earlier and forgot about me. I come into school and bump into handsome guy. A moment later I realize it’s Jason. My ex.

- What are you doing here?-I ask although I’m not interested.

- I moved here to be closer to you.-he wants to hug me but I step back.

- Oh, Jason, we broke up!

- I didn’t break up with you.-he attracts me to him.

- Get off.-my boyfriend, Justin, comes to us.

- You didn’t waste your time for nothing.-Jason moves towards.

- I don’t want to see you again!-Justin shoves him.

- Or what?

- Stop it!-I take Justin’s hand.-Go away, Jason!

We turn around and move away from this guy. Why did he appear in my life? We go to the English class. Suddenly Justin stops and makes me to do the same. He looks at me with anger.

- Who was it?-Justin asks strictly.

- My ex.-I answer quickly.

- What did he want?-Justin looks into my eyes like hypnotizes me.

- Nothing. Why is it so important to you?

- Because you’re my girlfriend and I want to know everything that happens in your life!

- Then you should know that it’s too much.

I push him away and go into the classroom. First go I see Mr. Dick’s angry sight and realize that he’s going to kill me right now.


- Oh God! I almost died.-complains Nicki when girls leaving the classroom.- Who invented biology?

- Actually…-starts Amanda, but Jessica interrupts her because these two girls love to conduct intellectual battles.

- How’s your dog, Nicki?

- I sold it.-Nicki grins.

- To whom?-Jess wonders.

- To someone who bought that pathetic piece of meat.-still spits Amanda.

- For your information…-Nicki lifts up her index finger.

- Girls!-that curly Harry comes.- Would you like to have fun tonight? I have a party, it’ll be great.

He winks at Jess and she smiles confusedly. In fact, Harry doesn’t like her, he just likes to flirt with girls. Nothing serious. My brother’s such a ladies’ man. Wait, I didn’t say that he is my brother? Well, now you know. That scoundrel is my brother and because of him I was late. Stop, I don’t want to talk about him.


I go to the cafeteria and see girls at our table. God, I’ve missed them so much!

- Hello!-I say happily and only Nicki waves to me. Amanda seats with her head down and mutters something, Jessica just smiles and looks somewhere.- So, what happened?

- School happened, Kelly.-answers Nicki and continues to look into her phone.

- Okay, I’ll go to eat to nerds.-I’m standing up, but girls don’t react.- Nicki, what are you doing?

- Everyone is talking about your brother’s party…-starts Nicki, but I interrupt her.

- What?! Party?!

- Yes. Your brother’s.

- So, if it’s my brother’s party it’s going to be in our house! He is very impudent.

I see Harry, who’s entering cafeteria and I reach him quickly. When he sees me, he starts to smile.

- What are you up to?-I punch him and the girls next to us wonder.

- Without battering, please.

- What party, Harry? Are you crazy?-I’m trying to speak softly.

- It’s first day of school, Kelly!-he hugs me.

- Ew!-I drop back.

- What? I just love my little sister.

- And I hate when you do something like that.

- Like what?-he hugs me again and laughs.

- Get off!-I’m starting to laugh too. Then I recognize Justin, who passed us.- I have to go.

I’m pushing Harry and going for my boyfriend. I hope he is.


Nicki is leaving school when Jessica tries to catch her up.

- Wait!-she hollers her.- Could you give me a lift?

- Where’s your boyfriend?-asks Nicki, pulling away from her phone.

- Do I have him?-the girl’s grinning and blonde starts to laugh.

- Sure, seat.

They sit down into the car. Nicki starts to move, suddenly a guy runs on the road and the car crashes into him. Girls are shocked.

- God!-screams blonde and runs out of the car.- What the hell?!

Jessica leaves the car after her friend. A crowd gathers around. I’m crowding through and see Justin, who’s laying on the ground in front of the car.


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