I Predict A Romance

(A #taggie fanfiction)
I pretended that I had forgotten. He wouldn't let me.
[Cover by Jade.P]


2. Expectations (WholockedOtaku)

It took me two weeks. Two weeks! To open a package! Not to say I didn't feel it's presence boring a hole in the back of my head. I was busy, it may be a terrible excuse, but at least it's true. I had multiple Mt Everests of paperwork about to break my desk, so I left it. 

When I finally had a rest day, when every last script had been annotated and posted, when my screenplay had been edited so much I had barely anything left, when the chores had been done I got to the parcel. 

It was addressed to Maggie. I hadn't been called that in years. The last time I had been called that was on a pebbly beach, where waves had crashed against the shore and I had remembered a good friend. A whole universe ago. 

I rolled the parcel over in my hands, checking for a return address, to see if I knew the sender. Nothing. I opened it warily, using my paper knife, for the packaging was thin. I was surprised that it had stayed contact without tearing. Usually that only happens if the person lives nearby. 

My paper knife cut it with ease, whilst being beautiful at the same time. The knife had been given to me when I started out, from a man I now almost always had starring in my films, Mr Cumberbatch himself.  It had a dark blue handle with my initials engraved in silver, which made them look like a set of stars in a constellation , alone in an empty sky. 
I pulled the innards of the parcel out, spilling them onto the table. I stared down at it, my breath caught and I could've swore my heart beat twice in that milli-second. It was something unexpected, it was something wonderful, it was something oozing with nostalgia.

Great Expectations.   

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