I Predict A Romance

(A #taggie fanfiction)
I pretended that I had forgotten. He wouldn't let me.
[Cover by Jade.P]


1. An Unexpected Parcel (WholockedOtaku)

It was early, too early. Why does the postman around here always have to come at some ungodly hour? People shouldn't be allowed to wake up before 7. 

I pulled myself out of bed and crawled towards the door, at the same time as wrapping my white dressing gown around myself, like seaweed around sushi, and I stealthily answered the door. 

The postman stood there and wore a rather apologetic smile, with his hand outstretched and holding the A4 envelope I had been expecting. I accepted it graciously and tried to make some excuse as to why I should go back to bed, but he stopped me. 

"Sorry Miss, but I have another package for you."

That was weird, "Fanmail?"

The postman laughed,"No Miss, you know that Philip controls that, no Miss, it's a parcel, from a friend, apparently."

"Not a bomb."

"Hopefully not Miss."

With a chortle, and a gesture from the doorman, the postman went back to his daily business, and I was left standing in the hallway of my three storey apartment with a package that I didn't want.

I should've opened it then, but I wasn't dressed and I felt unclean. After my shower I had breakfast, then I decided to read the script in the A4 envelope, after some editing I wrote a short section of a screenplay, and before long I had to have dinner, at 11pm.

I was sat eating a hurriedly put together spaghetti bolognaise and watching my recorded episode of Doctor Who, when I felt the package looking at me. It tried to distract me from my Doctor Who obsession, but not even a mystery parcel could do that. I decided that I would open it tomorrow. 




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