The monster in my mirror

We had just moved to a new a new town with a new house. It was a fresh start at least I thought it was....No one was ever out side it was like a ghost town. Then the day we moved into our new house people started to act strange. I told my friend about it...He's a monster and he lives in my mirror...This is our story


1. The move

Day 1 12:00pm Monday February 3, 2017

Hey my name is Cole and I am 16 years old. I'm in the car with my little sister Sky and my mom and dad. Where off to our new house where mom says well get to start our life over again. Ever since Dad's accident the family has been stressed out. You see when I was about 11 my dad got into an accident. By accident I mean he burnt our house down. Mom thought it would be a good idea for us to move to a new town because no body would know my name or my story. My mom thought this because after the accident I started to get bullied a bit. Not a lot just by the jocks at school. They would make fun of my face and arm. I got burnt really badly during the fire since I was with dad when he started the fire.

My dad hasn't said a word since it happened. When he does talk all he can manage to say is "I'm so sorry Cole I'll make it up to you some how. I promise I will!" It doesn't bother me even though my dad thinks I'm in a lot of pain from it the truth is I hardly feel it.

I stopped writing in my journal when I felt the car come to a stop. I looked up to see that we had arrived. Mom turned around well dad sat in the front like ghost. "Where here kids just a couple more blocks and we'll be at our new house!!!" Sky started to cheer and laugh and I just looked out the window. I could feel mom's stair but I just pretend she wasn't their. A new house and a new school was the last thing that I needed in my life right now.

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