The monster in my mirror

We had just moved to a new a new town with a new house. It was a fresh start at least I thought it was....No one was ever out side it was like a ghost town. Then the day we moved into our new house people started to act strange. I told my friend about it...He's a monster and he lives in my mirror...This is our story


10. Scary stories

I followed them around taking in the view of the house waiting for Ally to show up so the fun could start. At about 8:00 at night she finally showed up and Kelly looked at us. "Hey guys who wants to go to my room and tell scary ghost stories?" Every one nodded and followed Kelly as I stayed behind. I was never fond of ghost stories. Kelly came back to get me. "Hey Cole what's wrong every one's up stairs." I looked at her shyly. I don't like scary ghost stories. My face turned red from embossment. "That's okay Cole you can sit next to me and you wont have to say a story you can just watch and listen and if you get scared squeeze my hand we can do something else." I smiled at her and followed her thinking her for understanding.


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