The monster in my mirror

We had just moved to a new a new town with a new house. It was a fresh start at least I thought it was....No one was ever out side it was like a ghost town. Then the day we moved into our new house people started to act strange. I told my friend about it...He's a monster and he lives in my mirror...This is our story


2. New house

We finally had arrived at our a new house and I all ready hate it. "Mommy this house looks creepy." See even sky agrees with me. Knowing mom though shell find a way to make it feel all homey inside just  like she always did. "That's just because you haven't been inside yet." Sky looked at me with her big green eyes. and sighed as I got down on my knees and let her climb on. "Yay piggy back ride!!!" She screamed as we walked inside the house. "Even the inside is creepy mom." I said causing her to jump. I didn't talk much to any one but Sky after the accident. It's not that I was mad at them its just that I hated all the self pity I got from them. "I'm sure that ounce we add some color to it that it wont be so bad any more Cole. Tell you what why don't you and Sky go pick out your rooms and I'll bring the boxes in then we can all go out for a movie and some pizza. How does that sound?" Sky nodded her head really fast and sighed. I took Sky up stairs and put her down on the ground when we reached the top.

Sky grabbed my hand and I looked at her. "What?" "I don't wan to go alone its scary." She said to squeezing my hand.  I sighed again and walked with Sky from room to room as she decided. When we finally reached the one she liked she let go of my hand and ran at full speed towards it. "I WANT THIS ONE!!!"  She screamed as she ran inside dancing and shouting. I laughed and slipped away to pick my room. I walked around for a bit when something caught my eye. It was room with a very large old mirror. I don't know why but for some odd reason I wanted this room. So I picked this one. Mom came up stairs with my boxes and Sky's as she said, "Did you both pick your rooms?" Sky who was really excited took mom's hand as she lead her to wear she wanted her new room to be. "I choose this one!" She said jumping up and down. Mom smiled at excited she was. "I love it Sky good choice."

Then she turned to me with the same sweet smile but a bit of sadness in her eyes. "Which room did you pick honey." I said nothing as I lead her to the room with the big mirror. She walked in side and I swear her eyes light up. "This is beautiful Cole. You did always have an eye for nicest things." I shrugged my shoulders and pulled my hood over my head as I sat down. "It's alright." Mom looked at me again with the same sad eyes as she put down the boxes and left the room.  "Just come down stairs when your ready kids." She said as she started to walked down the winding stairs that never seemed to end.

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