The monster in my mirror

We had just moved to a new a new town with a new house. It was a fresh start at least I thought it was....No one was ever out side it was like a ghost town. Then the day we moved into our new house people started to act strange. I told my friend about it...He's a monster and he lives in my mirror...This is our story


7. My frist friend

I sat down in my chair and waited for who ever it was that going to be showing me around the school today. I was scared at first but then she showed up. "Hi I'm here to show a Cole around?" The lady behind the desk looked at me and I raised my hand. "That would be me." The girl looked at me and smiled walked over to me. "Hi welcome to the neighborhood...Its nice to meet you Cole my names Kelly." The girl smiled at me holding her hand. I took her hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you too." I followed Kelly out of the office. "Okay so my job is to show you around the school and answer any questions you may have about your classes. The best part is that your in my all my classes." I smiled at her.

Kelly and I walked around for awhile just looking at classes and finding where everything is. When the tour was done she looked at me and smiled. "You know something else that I'm really good at?" I looked at her and shrugged. "I'm really good at being a friend." I smiled and nodded my head.

I think I just made my first friend....

I followed Kelly to class which flew by before I knew it and it was lunch time. I got my lunch and went to go and look for a seat. Kelly was the first one to call me over and to invite me to sit down with her and her friends. They where all really nice too. "Hi Cole my names Jack. This lovely girl is Abby and that is Charlie." The two girls smiled and waved at me. Abby had strawberry blond hair like Kelly and Charlie had brown hair like chocolate that matched her bright brown eyes. I smiled at all of them.  Jack smiled back and asked me, "So what house did you move in it Cole?"

"My family moved into the house down the street by the grave yard." Jacks face went pail. "What's wrong?" Jack smiled and said, "Nothing I have a test to study for is all by." Jack got up and walked away soon Charlie and  Abby left too. Kelly was the only one who stayed and smiled at me. "Why did they leave? Did I do something wrong?" Kelly shook  her head no. "It's just the house you live in...they think its haunted." I looked down at my feet. "Oh right."

I said nothing after that and ate my food. The rest of my day was like that too until I got home. I was silent the whole ride home and didn't even bother to say hi to dad knowing that he wouldn't respond back any way. I went up stairs and waited for Alice to show up. I was waiting for this all day.

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