Zadie moves to New York with her family. She thought it was going to be a normal trip, until her mom gets kidnaped. She gets help from a teenager and a middle age man. What happens when the teen in hope of finding his girlfriend falls in love with this stranger he's helping?


3. Chapter 3

I followed Nick to his car. Damon was leaning against it with his phone in his hand. He looked up when we were getting closer. “It’s about time.”


  “I found someone to go with us.” Nick nodded to me.


  Damon looked at me like he just noticed me. “How are you?”


  “Good,” I muttered. Even though his words was nice, he was giving me the biggest glare.


  Damon whispered to Nick, even though I could hear every word. Damon is not too good at whispering. 


  “Are you out of your mind? She can’t go with us. She’s like fourteen.”


  Wow. Wow! That seriously does get annoying. “I’m seventeen!”


  They both ignored me. 


  “Her mom got kidnapped,” Nick stated, simply.


  “So? This is no place for some young girl. She could get kidnapped!” Damon harshly whispered.


  “She’ll be with us! She’s more danger here, than she is with us!” Nick harshly whispered back.


  Nick open the car door and hopped in the drivers seat.


  Damon stood there for a second. He looked over at me, and sighed. “Are you coming or not?”



I cleared my throat after so much silence. “Do any of you like music?”


  “No,” stated Damon quickly.


  “What about you?” I asked Nick.


  “Yea. Gospel, country, rock. All, really.”


  “Well, could you maybe, turn some on?”


  Nick smiled, and turned on the radio.


  Where gospel music started playing.  



“Are we where were supposed to be yet?”


  Damon sighed. “This is the thirtieth time you asked.”


  “Not yet, sweetheart,” says Nick, smiling in the rearview mirror.


  Yes, it’s official. I like Nick better then Damon. 


  “Where are we going?” I asked.


  “Nowhere,” says Damon in a harsh voice.


  “Well, what a waste of my time if we’re going nowhere,” I said.


  “Damon, be nice to her.”


  “I hope my dad is okay.” I leaned against the window. “He probably went out to look for her, or they took him too.”


  “They wouldn’t of took him,” says Nick.


  “Why not?” I asked.


  Nick took a quick glance at Damon, and turned back to focus on the road. “Because these kidnappers are only looking for girls. That’s why we’re worried for you,” says Damon.


  “That’s why you need to stay with us,” says Nick. “So, we can keep you safe.”


  Damon rolled his eyes. He must think I’m safer here than with them. I don’t care about my safety. I care about my parents safety.


  “I just want my parents to be safe.”


  “And they will be,” says Nick.


  “Can I try calling my dad again?” I asked.


  “Yea, sure,” says Nick.


  I got my phone out of my pocket and dialed my dad’s number. He answered after the second ring. “Zadie? Zadie are you all right?”


  “Dad? Yes, I’m okay. Are you? Where are you? I checked the hotel, but you weren’t there.”


  “I called the police, Zadie. I tried everything. The police are looking for her, but I feel like that’s not enough. I’m out looking for her too. Where are you?”


  I shut my eyes, and sighed. I decided on a simple answer. “I’m safe.”


  “Good. Good. Call me back later. Will you? So, I’ll know you’re safe.”


  “Of course.”


  “I love you.”


  “I love you too, dad.”


  He hung up.


  “Is he okay?” Asked Nick.


  “Yea, he’s fine.”


  “Good. We’re here.”


  He stopped the car. We parked at a hotel. “Damon? Did you say they were coming here?” Asked Nick.


  Damon just simply nodded.


  “It’s getting late,” Nick says. “We’ll get a room.”



“This room?” I asked. “It only has one bed.”


  “It’s king-size. It’ll fit all of us,” says Damon. Damon laughed at my expression, that I imagine is shocked. 


  “Me and Damon can make a place on the floor,” says Nick.


  Damon’s smile wiped off his face. “What? No. She’s not taking the bed. I want the bed.”


  Wow. I still can’t believe Damon is like in his forties.


  “I can sleep on the floor,” I suggested.


  “No way,” says Nick. “You’re a lady. Ladies don’t sleep on floors.”


  “Well, I don’t want you two on the floor. I’ll feel rude.”


  “That won’t be rude. Don’t feel rude,” Nick said at the same time as Damon said, “you should.”


  Wow. How did they become friends is beyond me. They are two complete opposites. Nick is too sweet for his own good, and Damon is well...not mean exactly. Just arrogant...kind of. What’s the right word to describe Damon? 


  “I’ll sleep on the floor! If it makes you feel better...” I turned to Nick. “I don’t act like a lady. So, you don’t have to worry about me.”


  I thought I caught a small smile on his face. 


  “Really? I thought you would be the kind of girl that likes to spend around in girly dresses, and giggle,” says Damon.


  “Not all the time,” I muttered.


  Damon laughed.


  I smiled, when I decided on something to say. “You’re right, Damon. I am a lady. I guess that means I’m taking the bed.” 


  His smile dropped.


  This time Nick laughed. “You heard the lady. She’s taking the bed.”


  For some reason, my heart started beating faster when he said that. I can’t help thinking how beautiful Nick is. Inside and out.



Damon slept on the left side of me, and Nick was on the right. They were both on the floor, though.


  They both already fell asleep, but, unfortunately for me...I can’t go to sleep.


  I checked my phone. It’s 1:30 in the morning.


  I heard a groan. “Are you okay, Zadie?” Asked Nick.


  I looked down, and sure enough, Nick is awake. He is flat on his back with his arms behind his head, looking up at me with a contagious smile. 


  “I can’t go to sleep,” I whispered.


  “Me and you both.” He yawned.


  “Are you thinking about her?” I asked.


  “About who?”

  I looked down and saw him with a confused expression. 


  “Your girlfriend.” I smiled. 


  He shrugged. “I always think about her.” 


  My heart sunk, but, I decided that’s stupid. I barely know him.




  “Yea.” He smiled sadly. “I think about how I might not be able to save her.”


  “Do you love her?”


  He thought about it. “Not yet.”


  “You think you will love her?” I asked him.


  I was expected him to get mad, or tell me to stop talking about her. Instead, he smiled. “I think I already do. But that’s not saying much. I love everyone. God made everyone special, and I just try to look inside of people.” He faced me. “What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?”


  I smiled, and whispered. “I don’t think anyone can put up with me.”


  “It’s good that you don’t have a boyfriend.”


  “Why?” I asked, confused.


  “Because, no one deserves you.”


  I scoffed. “Yea right.”


  “I’m right, Zadie.” He yawned again. “I’m tired. We should get some sleep. Good night.”


  “Good night, Nick.”


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