Zadie moves to New York with her family. She thought it was going to be a normal trip, until her mom gets kidnaped. She gets help from a teenager and a middle age man. What happens when the teen in hope of finding his girlfriend falls in love with this stranger he's helping?


2. Chapter 2

The next day I decided to roam around New York by myself. 


  I skipped around on the streets. People that was walking by were giving me weird looks. 


  While I was skipping around, I didn’t realize where I was going and slammed right into someone.


  “Sorry!” I screamed before I looked up to see who it was. 


  ...Damon. Well, at least I think that’s his name.


  The older man ran a hand over his hair. “Watch where your going next time!”


  I lowered my head and nodded. He moved pass me with a bump to my shoulder.


  That guy is really intimidating. 


  He looked like he was in a hurry for something. Oh, well.


  I took out my phone and started texting my friends. I never really had any best friends. Just a couple of close friends.


  I should’ve learned my lesson to not pay attention to where I was going because I bumped into someone else.


  I looked up once again to see who it was. It was Nick. How ironic.


  “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” He said.

  Why is he apologizing? It’s my fault.


  I shrugged, and gave a nervous laugh. “Yea, me either.”


  He stared at me for a few more seconds. “Well, I have somewhere really important to be. I’ll talk to you later.”


  “Yea. Okay.”


  He sprinted off and I couldn’t help day-dreaming about him.


  I wonder if he’s always this nice or if it’s just an act.


  He’s cute too. In a young teenage boy kind of way.


  I continued skipping my way around New york. Even though, a blush was clearly on my cheeks.


  I spread my arms and shouted, “New york!”


  Again, people walked by, giving me weird looks.


  I get that a lot...


  Suddenly, there was a buzzing in my pocket. I took my phone out of my pocket and answered with a chirpy, “hello?”


  “Sweetie?” I heard my dad’s voice on the other line. I stopped skipping and my face fell. This wasn’t the same happy, easy-going dad I’m used to.


  “Are you okay?”


  “Yes, but your mom... She got kidnapped.” His voice cracked. “I don’t know who took her! I...I called the police! I did everything I could possibly do. I should’ve never left her alone! I should’ve st-”


  “No! Don’t blame this on yourself, okay? I’ll be in the hotel soon.”


  “No. Find help.”


  “Okay, dad.” My voice cracked. That’s when I realized I was crying.


  I hung up and stared at my phone for a few seconds.


  I looked up, just to see people going in and out of a theatre... That’s when I saw Nick and Damon.


  I slipped my phone in my pocket and hurried after them.


  This is what they were in such a hurry for? A movie?


  I payed my way in and took a seat in the front row right beside Nick. The movie is called ‘Action Fighters’ or ‘Fighter Action’ or ‘Fight Action’. I actually have no clue. I haven’t even seen it advertising.


  Nick leaned down to whisper in my ear. “You look like you’ve been crying.”


  “This is a sad movie.”


  “It hasn’t even started yet.”


  “I just feel like it’s going to be sad.”


  He paused, before he spoke. “This isn’t suppose to be a sad movie. Unless you count all the violence in it.”


  “I don’t like violence,” I muttered. “Nor kidnapping,” I decided to add.


  His face grew hard. “Yea, me either.”


  The movie started and I started thinking about a way to tell Nick, I needed help. 


  Suddenly, a plan started forming in my head. No need to waste anymore time.


  I whispered in his ear. “Can you show me where the bathroom is?”


  He pointed to a hallway. “Down that hallway to the right.” Odd Theater.


  “I’m still not good at directions at all. Can you show me?”


  “It’s not that hard to figure out. Just go to the hallway. Turn to the right, then you will see a door with a sign above it saying, ‘Women’s Bathroom.”


  I sighed. I give up. “I just need help with something. I thought maybe you could help me. M-my mom.. She got kidnapped. I don’t know what to do.”


  That got his attention. He turned to face me. His expression was hard. He whispered something to damon and turned back to face me. “Follow me.”


  He stood up to leave and I followed after him. 


  He walked outside in the chilly air, and turned to face me. 


  “What a bummer I payed for that movie,” I said.


  “How can you be so calm? Did your mom really did get kidnapped or are you just wasting my time?”


  “I’m not calm. Okay? I’m freaking out. I just... I just have a feeling you can help me.”

  “I can’t. She’s gone.” He turned to walk away. He paused and then turned around. “If the kidnapper is who I think it is.” He shook his head. “There’s no way I will be able to find her.”


  “What do you mean? Who is he?”


  “Someone I’m looking for,” he finally stated. “Someone I haven’t found for weeks. My girlfriend...” His voice cracked. He looked down. I almost groaned. He has a girlfriend? “My girlfriend. She’s gone too.”


  I nodded. “That’s why you’re looking for him. And Damon?”


  Nick looked confused. “What about him?”


  “I he your dad or something?”


  For a second, Nick looked like he wanted to laugh. “Damon? Damon is not my dad. We’ve been friends for a while. I guess he’s kind of like my dad, but, honestly it’s hard to picture Damon as a dad role model.”


  I kind of wanted to ask him how they met, but, I knew that wouldn’t be a good idea. Defiantly, since, I just met him. I also, need to find my mom.


  “Look, I really need help to find my mo-”


  He interrupted me. “I will try to find your mom too. Along with my girlfriend.” He turned around to walk away.

  “Wait!” He turned to face me. “I want to go with you!”


  He shook his head. “It’s to dangerous.”


  “So? My dad is worried sick! So am I! Let us go with you.”


  He shook his head. “No. Only you. You’re dad is not coming with us.”


  “Why not? Why didn’t you guys just call the police?”


  “There’s a reason why we didn’t call the police. Okay, Zadie?”


  I hesitated before asking. “What’s the reason?”


  “They won’t be able to catch him. He’s a dangerous guy.”


  “Then what makes you think we will?”


  “Because.... Because.”




  “Because I know him.”


  I was speechless at his words. My mouth hung open a little.


  “I’m aquatinted with him.” He licked his lips. “I’m not saying he will listen to me, but, I don’t think he would hurt me.”


  “What makes you think that?”


  “Look, if you want to go with us. That’s fine. You just don’t need to ask so many questions.”


  He’s right. I have been asking to much.


  “What are you going to say to your dad?” He asked.


  “I’ll call him,” I answered.


  I took out my phone and dialed his number. First ring. No answer. Second ring. No answer. Third ring. No answer.


  I looked down at my phone for a couple of seconds. “He’s not answering! I’m going to the hotel!” I called out to Nick.


  “Zadie! Wai-”


  Before he could finish his sentence, I headed to the hotel. I just had to make sure my dad was alright. That’s the only thing that matters.


  I ran the whole way there. I’m breathing really heavy. I really do need to start exercising more.


  You know what? I will exercise more as soon as I find my dad, and we figure out where mom is. The truth is I don’t want to go anywhere without my dad. We should be able to find my mom, and this monster that kidnapped her together.


  I got the extra room key out of my pocket and opened the door. The room looked the same as always (well, since, I’ve been here anyway). 


  I looked around. “Dad!” No answer. He’s nowhere to be found. I ran a hand through my hair. I let out a frustrated sigh. “Dad!”


  I turned around when I realized he wasn’t here.


  I ran right into something. Or rather someone. I looked up, hoping it was my dad. Instead, it was Nick.


  “Why was you following me?” I asked.


  “Is your dad okay?” He asked.


  “I wouldn’t know,” I answered. “He’s not here. Now, why were you following me?”


  “I had to make sure you were okay. Now come on, we got to go. The reason we were at the theater is because we saw men that looked oddly familiar to me. They looked like people that are always hanging around our kidnapper. Damon decided to get a closer look, just to make sure it’s them. So we can follow them.”


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