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Lyrics for some my favorite songs.


8. Fear (Leave Out All the Rest demo) - Linkin Park

Looked in the ocean,
Looked in the sea
Found her often
Watching for me
Left the door open
Left the door wide
As she often
Kept it inside

And if you're badder than fact phone z
phend it back to me
sitting front pitter badder than b
even badder than phint to phone badder
than the patter in friends
who gutter the prat
the friday on the patter you plumped
You're getting thrown even badder than bomb
Don't trust
And if you don't then you're fighting for what?

We're fighting for a place,
That we can call home,
Looking for a way,
Not to be alone [x2]
Not to be alone..

Dun na na,
Dun na na na na na na na
Dun na na
Dun na na na na na na na
Dun na na na na...

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