Beautiful Lou || l.s

{SHORT STORY} Louis has never once felt beautiful, until Harry showed him just how beautiful he really was.



2. |chapter two

It has now been a full week since Harry and Louis met in that store, and the two have been texting each other nonstop.

Harry tries to call the blue eyed boy everyday, but Louis keeps saying that he would be awkward, shy and that his voice was hideous over the phone speakers. But Harry loved the cute sound of his voice. It caused a bright smile to appear on his face.

The night before while to two were chatting about which cake flavor was the best (Harry said chocolate, while Louis said vanilla only as long a it has strawberry icing on it), Harry asked Louis,

"Speaking of cake, do you want to go to this little cafe I found tomorrow? I promise that they have strawberry icing."

Louis' face was completely red after that text. He slowly and shyly replied back with a small,

"I'd love to :)"

And that brought them to the next day, a chilly Friday at the start of December.

Harry stood outside the cafe, wrapped up in a large, warm brown coat, tight jeans, boots and a scarf to dig his face into to warm up his freezing cheeks. He waited, hands in his pockets, for Louis to turn up.

A few minutes later, the shorter boy walked around the corner of the street. His cheeks and nose were red from the cold, as much as he tried to warm them up with his gloved hands. His gloves were white with pink finger tips.

Harry smiled warmly at the boy as he came closer. "Hey Lou!"

Louis smiled back. "Hello Ha-" Just as he was replying, a strong gush of cool wind was knocking Louis over, making him fall into Harry's chest. "I-I'm so sorry." He blushed.

The taller boy chuckled, shaking his head. "Falling for me already, aye?" Harry raised a brow, a cheeky smile plastered on his lips.

It only made Louis more embarrassed and for his face to go as red as a tomato. Could this boy get anymore cuter? Harry thought.

The boys go inside, wanting to get out of the cold, and took a seat at one of the booths next to the foggy window. Louis looked around the small cafe, loving the warm aura it gave him. It felt homely, and it also had Christmas decorations hanging up already. Tinsel wrapped around the beams above their heads, small twinkling lights lined the walls and a few small Christmas trees in the corners.

"This is really cute." Louis said, still looking around.

"Yeah.. you are." Harry smiled, fond in his eyes.

Louis looked back at Harry, flushed, then looked down at the sleeves of his denim jacket. "You cheese ball." He giggled softly. He took off his gloves, his hands getting warm.

Harry shrugged. "I can't help it. I'm one big ball of cheese." He laughed. Harry looked down at Louis' hands, remembering about the nail polish the boy promised to paint his nails with, and he did. Harry grinned. "You painted your nails!"

Louis nodded shyly, holding out his hand when Harry asked to see them. They were painted with the mint green polish and then decorated with white detailed snowflakes. Harry held his hand so delicately, like he could break any second with the wrong touch.

"They're very pretty, Lou."

"Thanks," the blue eyed boy replied, a grin on his lips.

When a waitress walked up to their table, they both ordered mugs of hot chocolate and Harry asked for two slices of the vanilla cake with strawberry icing. Not too long later, the hot drinks and freshly baked cake was set in front of them and the waitress walked away with a smile.

"I promise you, this will be the best strawberry icing you find." Harry said, picking up the fork and cutting off a small piece, holding it out for Louis to eat.

Louis just laughed and leaned in to eat it. His eyes widened when the pink icing hit his tongue, tasting the best strawberry flavor he's ever had. "You weren't kidding."

"I'd never lie to you, love." Harry said, but there was a hint of something in his voice. Care. Honesty. Promise.

The smaller boy felt his heart beat pick up speed, Harry's words flying around in his head. But everybody lies, Louis thought to himself.

Louis took a few sips of his still very hot chocolate beverage, his eyes scanning the cafe again. His gaze landed on a girl a few tables away, her attention stuck on her laptop screen and sipping her coffee. Louis frowned a little as he looked over the girls outfit. It was a cute winter outfit with a cozy cream sweater, black skirt, woolly tights and brown boots.

The boy looked down at the clothes he was wearing, picking at the boyish graphic tee he was wearing, and then at his jeans. He wished he was wearing something more like that girl. But he didn't want to weird Harry out by turning up at the cafe in girls clothing, even though Harry saw Louis buy that girls t-shirt last week.

Harry noticed Louis' glaces and growing frown, becoming a little concerned. "Lou? What's wrong?"

Louis' head snapped up to the worried green eyes in front of him. "N-Nothing... It's just.."

"You can tell me anything, Lou. I won't judge. I'm not like that." Harry gave a comforting smile, which actually worked on Louis, making the older boy feel a little bit relaxed. But his frown was still visible.

"Um... I just wish that.. I-I could wear something like h-her." Louis nodded his head towards the girl, his gaze moving to his fiddling fingers, too nervous for what Harry was going to say.

Harry looked over to the girl behind him, taking in her outfit, then turning back to Louis. "Then why don't you?"

Louis shifted awkwardly, feeling nervous. "It's not normal. And, I haven't told anyone about liking g-girls clothes better." He pursed his lips, holding in any vulnerable emotion. "I-I'm just too scared of their reactions.. they'll all leave me."

Harry frowned, not liking this sad side to the boy. "That's not true. You told me, and you don't see me walking away."

"But not everyone is accepting like you Harry. My friends are different to you... Who knows what my family would think? The only son of five and he likes to dress like a girl!" Louis took a deep breath, trying to calming down.

Harry was quick to scoot around the booth seat and sit next to the stressed boy. He placed his larger hand over Louis' small one, slowly interlocking their fingers. Louis looked down at their hands, Harry's thumb grazing softly over his knuckle, then moving his gaze to the younger boy's amazing green eyes. It seemed to calm him down quicker.

"If they were truly your friends, they would accept you no matter what. And your family should love you no matter the situation. I know you're scared to tell anybody, but I know you'd rather be yourself than put on this fake you. I'd rather see you as yourself. Your beautiful self."

Louis looked away from the bright green and down at their locked hands. "I'm not beautiful, Harry..." 

Before Harry could deny Louis' words, Louis looked over to the cake slices and Harry's hot chocolate mug, saying, "Your hot chocolate's going to be cold now." He picked up his own, taking his hand out of Harry's and pretending nothing happened.

Harry decided to just drop the subject, for now that is. 

Louis was beautiful, could he not see that?


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