Beautiful Lou || l.s

{SHORT STORY} Louis has never once felt beautiful, until Harry showed him just how beautiful he really was.



1. |chapter one

{This short story is cross-dresser!louis, so if that's not your cup of tea, sorry.}

ENJOY! -chloe x


Louis shifted uncomfortably from left foot to right, his hands hidden in the long sleeves of his sweater and his arms wrapped securely around his waist. He looked around at the many clothing racks surrounding him, not liking anything he saw. There wasn't anything completely bad about all the graphic tees and chinos, it's just that they were mens clothes.

Right now, Louis was out shopping with a couple of his mates, and he wasn't exactly enjoying himself. No one knew, he liked to keep it a secret from everyone, but he's never liked wearing the clothes other guys wore. He would prefer to wear a cute skirt or a pair heels rather than baggy pants and massive sneakers.

Louis watched his friends Liam, Niall and Zayn as they laughed together and picked up different shirts on the walls, asking if they suited them. At times they would turn to Louis and ask his opinion on something, which he continued to lie saying that it was a nice shirt or a cool pair of jeans.

The twenty three year old sighed, looking over to the ladies section of the store and spotting a cute shirt. To bad he can't pick it up and buy it now. If Louis had the courage, he would just tell everyone about his secret, but he's too scared for their reactions because he knows it will go bad and they would leave him the second he told them.

"Lou! We're heading into another store now." Niall called out, a new bag added to the few he had before.

"Uhm, I might catch up with you guys. I just, wanna check out something I saw before." Louis' said back.

The three friends just shrugged and said they would see him in the store across from this one, before walking off.

Louis let out a breath, feeling a little more relaxed knowing they couldn't see him now.

He made his way over to the ladies section, finding the shirt he liked from before. He picked it up off the rack and glanced over it for a moment, a small smile slipping onto his lips. The floral pattern would go really well with the new skirt he bought the other day.

"May I help you?" A deep voice spoke from behind Louis, startling him and making him drop the shirt.

"Shit! I-I didn't mean to scare you I just-" The voice stopped once he caught Louis' blue eyes into his green.

Louis' cheeks immediately reddened in embarrassment, his head dropping and his gaze now on the shirt at his feet.

A nervous chuckle left Louis. "Y-You didn't scare me. It's okay." The blue eyed boy said, his voice becoming smaller as he spoke.

As Louis is about to bend down and grab up the shirt, the other boy had the same thought in mind as he bent down too, causing the two boys to knock heads.

"Sorry!" They said in unison. They laughed together, making the moment less awkward.

The noticeably taller boy ended up grabbing the shirt, holding it out to the shorter boy. "Here's your shirt ...?" He asked, wanting to know a name.

Louis suddenly became very shy, slowly taking the shirt from the other's hands. "L-Louis.. My name's Louis."

A smile grew on the other boy's face, dimples forming in his cheeks. "I'm Harry."

Louis smiled slightly back, liking his name. It suited him. He looked over the boy noticing he had long, chocolate curls that looked soft enough to want to run your hand through it. He was also wearing a shirt with the store's name on it and very tight black jeans with boots. Obviously he worked here.

"Nice to meet you. B-But this isn't m-my shirt. I was just, just looking at it. I uh..." He said nervously, starting to ramble. Louis handed it back to Harry.

Harry's brows furrowed in confusion. "But, I saw you eyeing it before when those guys were in here with you."

"Pfft. N-No. Why would I buy a girls top?" Louis laughed awkwardly.

Harry could see straight through his lie, his face softening. "It's okay." Harry carefully handed it back to the shorter boy, looking into his sparkling blue eyes. "I think you'll look really pretty in it." Harry smiled warmly.

Louis blushed from his words, looking down shyly. "Really?" He said so quietly, it almost went unnoticed. Louis never thought of himself as pretty. In fact, he never really liked how he looked. That's why he covered his body in sweaters and jeans when he was around others.

"Of course Louis." Harry let go of the shirt he was still holding, not realizing he had been holding Louis' hands the whole time as well. "Would you like to buy it?"

Louis nodded shyly. "Yes please."

The two walked over to the cash register, Harry scanning the bar-code. Louis noticed the small stand with an array of different nail polish colours, finding a colour he hasn't bought before. The boy looked around him to see if anyone was waiting behind him or if one of his friends could see him from where he was. When he declared there was no one who could see him, besides Harry, he quickly picked out the pastel mint green colour and quietly placed it on the counter.

Harry gave him a bright smile, scanning the small bottle. "That's a nice colour." He said, making Louis blush again. Harry looked down at Louis' finger tips that were poking out of the sleeves, noting how they were clear. "Do you usually paint your nails?"

"When I can..." The thought made him a little sad. Louis liked to paint pretty patterns and coat his nails in new colours, but it's hard to do that when you don't want anyone knowing that you do paint your nails.

Harry frowned at the older boy, placing his items in a bag. "Oh..." Suddenly, a question came to mind, making a grin grow on his lips. "Well, maybe you can show me the colour once you've painted them later."

Louis' brows furrow, tilting his head a little to the side. Harry couldn't help but think the boy looked cute like that. "What do you mean."

"I was thinking, maybe we could hang out sometime?" Harry asked hopefully.

To say Louis was shocked would be an understatement. "Y-You mean like.. a date?"

Harry chuckled. "Yeah. If you'd like to, of course."

Louis had never been asked out on a date before, believe it or not. Guys probably thought he was to small and awkward, most likely not even thinking about asking him out anywhere. 

But now it was actually happening, and Louis couldn't help but smile so wide, his eyes beaming bright.

"I'd like to." A giggle escaped his lips, his hand quickly moving to cover his mouth. His cheeks burned once again.

Harry thought that Louis' giggle was the cutest thing he had ever heard.

Louis then paid for his items. When the receipt printed out, Harry pulled out a pen and wrote down his number on the back of the paper, adding a small smiley face. He placed the receipt in the bag and handed it over to Louis. 

"Call me when you're free one night."

The blue eyed boy nodded, smile still plastered on his face. "I will."

Louis starts to make his way out of the shop, but stopped when he heard Harry call out, "And don't forget to paint your nails with that colour."

With a final blush and a soft giggle, Louis finally left the store feeling much happier than before. 


There was the first chapter. These will mostly be short chapters, and i'm not sure how many chapters there will be yet. But, we'll see :)
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