Beautiful Lou || l.s

{SHORT STORY} Louis has never once felt beautiful, until Harry showed him just how beautiful he really was.



4. |chapter four

"Yeah! I'll let you set the pace, cause I'm not thinking straight!

My head's spinning around I can't see clear no more..."

Louis sang at the top of his lungs, dancing around his flat to the loud music flowing around the empty rooms. 

Today was his 'lazy' day. Which really meant it was his pamper day. This morning he just chucked on some leggings and a pastel blue sweater, because there was no reason to dress up if nobody was going to see him. 

Especially in the state that he was in right now. He had a white face mask on. Some might say he's weird for using it, but don't be crying when he has softer skin than any other guy would.

"What are you waiting for!!"

The door bell sounded throughout the house. Louis skipped happily towards to the door, continuing to sing his favourite song at the moment. He knew it was just the man who brings him his mail to his door in the morning, so he didn't mind not looking his absolute best for the old man.

"Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do!

Touch me like you-" 

His singing stopped immediately once he realized it wasn't the mail man at his front door, but in fact Harry standing there with a wide grin. Louis' eyes widened. Oh god, this was embarrassing.

"Am I interrupting something?" Harry chuckled.

Louis' face went beet red, not that anyone could see it under his face mask. "N-Not really." 

He stepped aside, letting the taller boy through the door..

"I like this new look on you." Harry joked, a smirk on his lips.

Louis playfully smacked Harry's chest, looking down in embarrassment. "Shut up.." He mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

The green eyed boy pouted when Louis wouldn't look back up at him. "Aw, I'm sorry, Boo." Harry said, using his little nickname he gave for the boy.

Louis' gaze was taken away from his bare feet when a deep burgundy rose was held in front of him. His brows furrowed slightly, looking up to Harry again, a small smile creeping on his lips.

"What's this for?" Louis asked, taking the single rose into his fingers.

"For you." Harry smiled. "I know it's not the happiest of colours out there, but I liked the meaning behind it."

Louis head cocked slightly. "What's the meaning." He asked.

"Unconscious Beauty." Harry looked into the smaller boy's blue eyes. "When beauty is unrecognized by someone." He described.

Louis' stare on Harry softened hearing his words, pursing his lips as he looked down at the rose in his hands. Unrecognized beauty. Was this another way for Harry to tell Louis he was beautiful? For some reason, the small gesture made his heart flutter. As small smile pulled at his lips. Although he didn't believe it, hearing Harry say these worse was starting to make him think the slightest bit differently.

"Oh, well, thank you. I love it Haz." He smiled. Standing up on his tip toes, he pressed a quick kiss to Harry's cheek, pulling back and noticing how a small smear of his face mask wiped onto his skin. Louis' eyes widened when he realized he still had the mask on. "Uh, I-I'm gonna go put this in water, and wash all this off." He said quickly before rushing off to do as he said.

Harry laughed softly, shaking his head fondly at the boy. Could he get any cuter? 

The younger boy shrugged off his coat, hanging it up on the small coat rack Louis had on the wall, kicking off his boots as well. Louis soon returned, his face clean this time.

"So, what did you come around for?"

The tall boy shrugged. "Just came around to see what you were doing. Maybe stay for a little bit. If you want me to that it."

"Of course I want you around here." Louis giggled. "I'm not really doing much. Just having a little 'me' day."

Harry walked up to the boy, wrapping his arms around his small waist. "Can we make it a 'me and Hazza' day, maybe?" A cheeky grin showed on his pink lips.

"I'm doing all girly stuff though."

"I don't mind."

Louis thought about it for a second before a smirk formed on his face. "Only if you join in with me!"

Harry had a wary look on his face that made Louis laugh a little. "Uh.. okay?"

"Yay!" Louis cheered, grabbing Harry's wrist and pulling him into his bedroom. Harry wasn't shocked when he walked into the rose pink coloured room, since Louis had already shown him his room previously. He had a white floral duvet on his double bed, fairy lights that lined the walls, Polaroid photos scattered around the wall, a chest of draws that had racks of many different nail polish colour on top of it, and finally the bedside table with the burgundy rose nicely placed in a tall, skinny vase.

The shorter boy gently pushed Harry to sit on his bed before walking over to his nail polish racks and picking out all of his best colours. He plopped down next to Harry, spreading out the bottles over the cover. Louis crossed his legs, Harry doing the same.

"Which colour would you like?" Louis raised, raising an eyebrow along with a cheeky smile.

Harry's eyes widened. "Would like?"

Louis just nodded excitedly. As much as Harry really didn't want his nails painted, seeing Louis so happy made him feel warm inside. He'll do it, only if it made Lou happy.

"What do you recommend?"


After a surprisingly fun day full of pampering, laughs and messing around, it was getting late and Harry had to get home since he had work in the morning.

The two stood at Louis' front door, the older watching as Harry shrugged on his thick coat and slipped on his battered boots. When he was finished, Harry turned and faced Louis with a small smile.

It was silent for a moment, the two boys just staring at each other fondly. They stood close together, their chests almost pressed together.

Harry slowly brought his hand up to Louis' cheek, his thumb softly caressing the smooth, tan skin. He never broke his gaze with the boy, not missing the small tint of pink that faded onto Louis' cheeks.

"I promise I'll stay over another night, yeah?" Harry spoke, no louder than a whisper.

Louis gave a small smile. He wished Harry could stay the night, but he understood why he couldn't. "Yeah." He sighed out. 

Harry leaned up and pressed a long, sweet kiss to the older boy's forehead, closing his eyes. He wanted to do more than just a kiss on the forehead. Louis did too. But they didn't know who should make the first move.

The taller boy pulled back slowly, looking into Louis' eyes one more time before he turned and opened the door. But he couldn't walk out, not yet. The thought was bugging him. He didn't want to leave just yet, not until he's done what needed to be done. 

Harry quickly turned back around to Louis, the older giving him a small look of confusion. Not a second later, everything just seemed to stop for a moment.

Harry's large hands were placed carefully under Louis' jaw, his eyes closed and lips pressed against the shorter boy's soft ones. Louis stood in shock for a few seconds, before realizing what was actually happening. He melted into the feeling of Harry's slightly chapped lips on his. His hands moved to rest on the taller boy's hips.

Slowly, they pulled away, short breaths being let out, eyes locked on each others. Soon, wide smiles formed on both of their faces.

"Goodnight, beautiful."

"Night, Harry."

They whispered.

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