Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


9. Chapter 9

"Hey, Brie. You're here!" Sabrina greeted them. Brie and Sam knew it was all an act but they decided to go with it. "Hey Sam. You're here." Sabrina eyed her from head to toe. "You know this is a couples only party right?"

"Yeah. I came here with someone." Sam smirked.

Just then Clyde appeared by Sabrina's side. "Hi there babe." He greeted Sabrina with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi." She said as she kissed him smack on the lips. "Girls, I'm sure you know Clyde, my boyfriend." She said but she was only staring at Samantha.

As if on cue, Sebastian arrived at the scene and wrapped his arm around Samantha's waist. Just then did Brie realize that he had a plate of pizza on his other hand.

"Hawaiian?" He offered Sam.

Sam took the plate and made a quick inspection. "If this is hawaiian then where are the pineapples?" She asked him only to see him chewing. There's her answer. She shook her head and ate the pineapple-less hawaiian pizza. "Oh, how rude of me. This is my date, Sebastian. Seb, this is Sab and her boyfriend Clyde. She's the party's organizer."

Sam and Seb saw Sabrina's upper lip twitch in irritation. Seb decided to ignore it while Sam was completely satisfied with her reaction.

"It's a nice party, I guess." Sebastian said, intentionally derogating Sabrina's party. "I've been in better ones though. If Sam didn't insist on coming I would have prefered we stayed home and cuddle." Sebastian grinned at Sam.

Sam laid her head on Sebastian's chest and quietly (but loud enough for Sabrina and the others to hear) whispered, "Of course you would." Then she looked up and smiled softly at him.

Sam maybe good at acting, but she knew her brother's actions and word were all true. 'God I hope we could be as convincing.' Brie silenly prayed.

"So, Brie. Where is your boyfriend?" Sabrina asked.

Before she could stop herself, she said "Probably in the food table. That man is a pig."

It was a bit awkward but the stiff ambience was cleared when Sebastian threw his head back laughing.

"That's not really a nice thing to say about your boyfriend, right Kitty?" He said when he went to stand next to Brie and plant a soft kiss on her head.

"But I'm right, am I not?" Brie said as she studied him. On his right hand is a plate with two slices of pizza stacked together (probabaly to make way for more food in his plate), a cupcake, nachos already drizzled with (and bathing in) cheeze and a grilled cheese sandwich. On his other hand is a bag of treats and a cup of soda.

"Well, yeah but--"

"But I'm right." Julian just smiled at her as she shook her head and facepalmed. "I'm slightly embarrassed by you but it would be rude not to introduce you." She said to him then she looked at Sabrina and Clyde. "Sabrina, Clyde, this is my boyfriend Julian. Julian, this is our host Sabrina and her boyfriend Clyde."

"Nice to meet you." He said although he didn't mean it. "Cool party. I like the food."

"W-well, I hope you enjoy the party." Sabrina suddenly was uncomfortable. Gone was the mocking behaviour she had earlier. "I better check on the other guests." Then she dragged Clyde with her.

"Hmmm. It's like she couldn't get away fast enough. I wonder why?" Samantha asked voicing what Seb and Brie were wondering.

"Well, we met in England through a friend's party like two years ago. We flirted ans stuff and she thought I was genuinely interested in her. One day I found her naked on my bed in my dorm room. Unfortunately my girlfriend at that time was with me." He said with a smile.

Sam made a hissing sound although it was clear that she was amused with the information.

"Yeah. I think she got the message too." Julian said.

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