Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


5. Chapter 5

Seeing as Samantha has a point, she had no choice but to actually ask Julian and explain the situation to him. Specially since Sabrina has been bombarding her and constantly asking her what her 'boyfriend's' name is so that she could put them in the guest list. She pretended not to see her text messages but she could only stall her for so long. After dinner she made her choice.

“Well I'm gonna regret this.” She said to herself as she lifted her hand, ready to knock on Julian's door.

“Changed your mind?” Brie almost jumped in shock when she heard Julian from behind her.

 “Christ, Julian. Are you trying to kill me?” Brie asked, exasperated. Instead of answering, Julian just stared at her.

 “There's more to it than just wanting a boyfriend, isn't it?” He asked.

 'How did he know?' She said in her mind.

 “Because I know you.” Julian said.

 “Oh my gosh, you read my mind?”

 “No. You said it aloud.”

“Oh.” She said.

 “Yeah. Oh. Now tell me what's happening.” Julian insisted.

“Well, the thing is my biggest rival at school found out that I've never been in a relationship before and she kind of ridiculed me for it. So I denied it. Now she wants me to bring my non-existent boyfriend to her annual Valentine's Dance. But the problem is I don't have a boyfriend.” Brie explained. “And I told her that my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our anniversary next month.”

“Why didn't you ask one of your brother's friends?” He asked.

“Because ever since we moved here she's been obsessed with Seb and she knows, and probably bedded, all his friends.” Brie answered.

“So that's why you need a boyfriend?

” “A fake one will do.” Brie said. “As much as I know I will regret this, you're my only option. So please?”

 “ I'm fine with that. But I want you to ask Sebastian as well. You know he's my best friend. I need his approval.” Julian said.

“So if I get Seb to agree, you'll do it?” He nodded. “Oh thank you! You're the best!”

Without thinking, Brie jumped at him to hug Julian. Then she ran straight to Sebastian's room, leaving Julian too shocked to move.


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