Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


4. Chapter 4

                I tried to think about Sam’s suggestion last night as we ate breakfast. Maybe I should list down the pros and cons. Pros: He’s hot. Yes he is and even I, his greatest enemy, admit that. He’s handsome. He’s a gentleman. He’s really nice. He’s trustworthy. He looks so damned good in a tux. I know him since I was a kid and he’s my brother’s best friend. Now for the cons, he’s annoying. He’s arrogant. Self centered jerk. He’s conceited aaaafffff. He likes to irritate me. He’s a playboy, but it’s not like I’m asking him to be my real boyfriend so that’s irrelevant and he’s my brother’s best friend.


                It’s not like I have so many choices because basically he’s the only one but wouldn’t that be awkward? But I’m running out of time!


                “AAAARGGGGHHHH!” I yelled unconsciously.


                “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” my brother asked me but I know he’s only half concerned.


                “I need a boyfriend.” I said dead serious. Then Sebastian (my brother) spit out his drink on Julian’s face.


                “Hey, your juice tastes good.” Julian said licking his face.


                “Eww.” I said to Julian, horrified as he continued licking his face.


                “That line would have been way hotter if you said it to a girl.” Samantha said then I threw a sharp look at her. “What?”


                “That’s what you get for reading classic porn.” I told her.


                “It’s not porn. It’s Fifty Shades of Grey, Brie.” She defended.


                “Same difference!” I said.


                “Wait! Just wait a fucking minute! Brie? What did you just say? I don’t think I heard you correctly?” Sebastian asked me, leaning his head onto me so that his ear is in front of my mouth.

                “I said, I need a BOYFRIEND!” I repeated.


                “No! No! You’re young and you’re too young. He’s gonna want you to have sex with him then you’ll get pregnant and die.” He said.


                “I never said anything about having sex, Coach Carr. I just need a boyfriend and that’s it.” I said.


                “Why would you need a boyfriend?” Sebastian asked.


                “Because I’m 16 and I’ve never had a boyfriend before!”


                “So what?! What kind of logic do you have?” Sebastian angrily said.


                “Look, why don’t we just drop the subject and continue eating?” I said.


                “Or maybe you should just think about what I suggested last night.” Samantha coyly said.


                “No.” I protested.


                “Yes. It’s you’re only chance.” Sam said.


                “Sam! Stop tolerating her like this!” Sebastian yelled but Sam continued to ignore her.


                “No Sam I will never do that.” I said.


                “Julian, stop her!” Sebastian ‘commanded’ to Julian.


                “Well if you really want---“


                “Need”  I corrected him.


                “If you really need one, I could be your boyfriend.” Julian suggested.


                “No. No. Hell no.” I said as I stood up and put my plate on the sink.


                “Why not? He’s the perfect solution.” Sam said.


                “No Sam, this time you cannot force me into this.” I said.


                “But come on, he’s the boyfriend material. He’s perfect!” She reasoned.


                “Thank you.” Julian told Sam.


                “You’re welcome.”


                “Then maybe he could be your boyfriend?” I asked Sam.


                “Do you wanna be my boyfriend?” Sam asked Julian.


                Then I looked over to my brother who was mouthing to Julian to say no while making the ‘I would kill you’ hand gesture. I always knew Seb liked Sam.


                “Nah. I don’t like you.” Julian said dead straight.


                “That kinda hurt.” Sam said dramatically to Julian then she turned to me. “I tried but he wouldn’t take it.”


                “All of you, shut up. Shut the hell up, nobody’s gonna be my sister’s boyfriend ever. That’s final.” Seb said sternly.


                I sighed. “Whatever.”

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