Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


3. Chapter 3


“I’m so glad you agreed to stay over for the night.” Brie said to Sam as they set the bed and turned the lights off.


       “It’s not like I had a choice. You almost cried and I don’t understand why.” Sam said.


       “It’s Julian. He’s here and he’s annoying.” Brie said.


       “Julian who?” Sam asked.


       “He’s my brother’s best friend unfortunately. SO I have to live with him whether I like it or not.”


       “Is he actually that bad?”


       “He’s the worst!”


       “Is he ugly?” then Brie looked at Sam disbelievingly. “What? I had to ask!”


       “You have a boyfriend Sam!” Brie exclaimed.


       “Not anymore, no.” Sam said.


       “What? Why? What happened?”


       “Well, according to him, I wasn’t emotional enough.” Sam answered. “But it’s not like I really care.”


       “Well, you’re better off without him.” Brie said. “Oh, wait, I forgot to put my night mask on. I’ll be right back.”


       As Brie was putting her night mask in the bathroom, she heard a piercing scream coming from her bedroom so she rushed outside, her mask half undone.


       “What happened? What happened?” Brie practically yelled.


       “Some pervert son-of-a-bish was trying to grope me!!!” Sam yelled.


       “I thought you were Brie! And I wasn’t groping! I was hugging!!” a familiar voice defended himself.


       “Julian!!” Brie warned then she turned the lights on.


       Sam stared at Julian, Julian stared at Sam.


       “Hey, you know what Brie? You could turn the lights of again and you,” she said to Julian. “Could grope me all you can and I wouldn’t mind.” Sam said.


       Julian raised his eyebrow. “Who is this girl?” he asked.


       “I always thought British accents were hot.” Sam almost purred.


       Brie only shook her head.


       “Julian, this is Samantha, she’s my best friend. Sam, this is Julian. Now you,” she pointed at Julian, “Leave. Now.”


       “Hey! He can stay if he wants to.” Sam said then she patted the space next to her. “Come here boy. Don’t be shy.”


       “Uhh. You know what? I’ll go back to my room.” Then he left.


       Brie looked at Sam for a while before she spoke.


       “I would apologize for his behavior but seeing that you disgustingly liked it, I don’t think there’s a need for that.” Brie said then she turned the lights off again and went to bed, her mask still half undone.


       “He could misbehave all he wants and I wouldn’t say a goddamn thing.” Sam said.


       Then they went silent.


       “Hey, why don’t you ask him to be your pretend boyfriend?” Sam suggested.


       “What? No!” Brie said. ‘Well, it’s not a bad idea.’ She thought.


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