Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


2. Chapter 2

“Could this day be any worse?” Brie said to herself loudly as she entered their house and was greeted by a certain someone she doesn’t really want to deal with, or see at all.


       “Oh, come one. Didn’t you miss me kitty?” He said in his thick British accent.


       “Why would I ever miss you Julian?” Brie said then she started to walk to her room but she felt him following her. “You are such a nuisance. Do you understand that? Why are you even here? Aren’t you supposed to be in London?”


       “Yeah, I missed you too, Kitty.” He said ignoring her statements.


       “Why don’t you just go away, leave me here in peace or better yet go back to England all together.” She said in exasperation as she went to change in her walk in closet.


       “You have a really nice room.” Julian followed her into her closet then stopped when he saw Brie looking at her intently.


       “I’ve got to change?” Brie sarcastically told him.


       “You do. You should be more welcoming to your guests.” He retorted.


       Brie looked at her sharply as she cocked her head to the side. “One, you’re not a guest, at least not in my room and two I meant my clothes. I need to change my clothes.” Then she kept on looking at him but he didn’t seem to get her message at all. “I need privacy. Out of my room now!” she shouted at him.


       It frustrated her more when she heard him chuckle. He did left her closet but by the sound of it, he stayed in her room.


       Once she was done changing, she expected to see him going through her stuff like he usually does but instead, she found him lying on her bed and not-so-discreetly smelling her pillows.


       “What are you doing?” she asked suspiciously.


       “I like your shampoo.” Sniff. “It smells like lemon.”


       “Do you not know how creepy you are?” Brie said then she sighed in frustration. “Can you please go out!”


       “Well, I can.” He said but he didn’t move from where he was. “But I won’t”


       She sighed, then inhaled, then sighed again. “Julian I’m really tired, and I had a really bad day, and I’m very tired so please can you just..”


       Julian just kept looking at her and then he pat the space beside him. “Come, tell me about it.” He said.


       “You won’t understand.” Brie argued.


       “Try me first then.”


       Then she contemplated. ‘Well he can be really good if he wants to be. And I know I could trust him with all my secrets.’ She thought. “Fine.” She surrendered then she lay in bed beside him.


       “Well?” Julian started.


       “I’ve never had a boyfriend before.” She said in her most serious face. Then to her frustration he just laughed. “What’s so funny!!” she said angrily.


       “You are.” He said still laughing. “What’s the problem with that? You’ve never had a boyfriend before, so what?”


       “You don’t understand! I’m sixteen, never been kiss, never been touched—“


       “You better not be.” Julian said seriously. “Look, it’s okay to be single. Trust me. Relationships are fucking complicated. You’ll get tired, you break up, you lose a friend, the end. So trust me. Being single is a fucking privilege.”


       “I knew you wouldn’t understand.” She started to leave but he spoke and what he said made her heart beat three times harder in her chest.







       “I kinda read your diary. I hope you don’t mind.” He said.



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