Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


15. Chapter 15

"Hey, Alexis right?" Julian asked as he approached the brunette on the bleachers. Of course he knew her name but he just wanted to piss her off.

  "What do you want dickhead?" Alexa asked, frowning.

  "I need you to stop whatever you're doing." Julian said.

  "What exactly am I doing?" Alexa asked with a laugh.

  "You know what you're doing, Alisa. First, you jumped me at Brina's party, now you're pretending to be lesbian in front of Brie." Julian walked closer until they were almost face to face. "Stop. It's not gonna work ok? Tell Sabrina to fuck off."

  "First of all, you son of a cock, I am not pretending to be lesbian. I am lesbian and I am very very much interested with your little Kitty." Alexa goaded.

They stared at each other, eye to eye for a moment or two. "Second?" asked Julian.


  "What else?"

  "Oh, nothing else." Alexa said.

  "So you're not denying the fact that you are Sabrina's pawn and that you are trying to sabotage my relationship with Brie?"

  "I am not Sabrina's pawn. I am her cousin and I must admit, she did tell me to seduce you during her party but I am trying to break you and Brie up. Who knows? She might like girls better." Alexa challenged.

  "Well here's the thing, you cunt." Julian said, lowering his mouth to her ears. "I'm not scared by your threats. Do your worse. I'll always be ten steps ahead of you. Remember that, Miss best bikini 2017."

  Alexa's face reddened once she heard that nickname. "How did you---"

  "Ten steps, Althea. Ten steps." With that, Julian left.

  "Oh you are so on right now." Alexa said, fuming.

  Julian was on his way to the cafeteria when he was taken aside by Brie.

  "Julian, what exactly are you doing?" Brie asked, very irritated.

  "What do you mean?" He asked.

  "Look, I get it okay. It's inevitable that you might find some other girl attractive and you might want to flirt with her or, or----"

  "Woah woah woah, wait a second, I don't think I follow?"

  "I'm talking about Alexa! If you want to flirt with her then do it somewhere discreet." Brie said, gritting her teeth. "Don't you see how bad this looks like? They see you, MY boyfriend, flirting with another girl out in public! Julian that sucks! Sabrina even got a hold on the news and she's giving that pitying-triumphant look! I wanted to shoot her face right then and there! And also-------mmmmmm!!!!"

  It was the only way Julian could shut her up.

  Brie stood there frozen after the kiss.

  "Nothing happened Brie. I was not flirting with her. First, she's lesbian and also, she's  not my type." Julian said.

  "Then what where you doing?! People saw you whispering in her ear and you two were so close---"

  "I was threatening her." Julian smiled.

  It didn't register immediately to Brie who still stood there frozen. "Wait, what?"

  "She's Sabrina's cousin. Brina sent her to break us up. We've already met at the party."

  "Ok, now I am gonna shoot Brina in the face." Brie angrily said.

  "She's also very much interested in you. So stay away from her, ok Brie? Far far away from her."

  Brie was shocked. She could be dense sometimes. Well all the time.

  Julian couldn't help but  kiss the top of her head. She was so adorably confused, it was irresistible. Then he pulled her inside the cafeteria. "Come on. I wanna see what kind of food they serve at American High School Cafeteria." 

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