Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


14. Chapter 14

"Hey Brie!" Sabrina greeted as she approached Brie just before the classes starts. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

  "Sure. What's up?"

  "I want you to break up with Julian." Brina said.

  "Excuse me, what? You want me to break up with my boyfriend?" Brie laughed at her incredulous suggestion. "And just why would I do that?"

  "He's not a nice person Brie. Trust me. I know." Brina said, trying to convince Brie.

  "Look, Brina. I've know Julian since we were kids. He's the nicest person I have ever met in the world. Sure, he might annoying most of the times but he's not a bad person. So sorry, Brina, but I'm not falling for it." She said. She was surprised to see that she meant every word. "Is this about the time when you thought he was interested so you showed up in his place, naked but then he arrived with his girlfriend?"

  Sabrina visibly froze and turned red from head to toe. It was a very amusing sight for Brie.

  "Why you!"

  "Now, now girls. We're at school. Be nice to each other." A familiar voice said behind Brie. Then she felt an arm around her shoulders. She was surprised to see that it was Julian. "Hey Kitty. Miss me?"

  "J-julian? What are you doing here?"

  "Oh, did I forget to mention? Starting today I'm going to study here. See? You won't miss me as much anymore." Julian said with a dashing smile.

  "U-uhm. I'll, uh, leave you two to talk." Brina said as she left the scene as fast as she could.

  Brie turned to Julian with a glare. "You didn't tell me!"

  "Surprise?" Julian said reluctantly. When Brie did not answer, he raised both hands up and said, "Look, I know this wasn't in the plan but-----"

  But he was cut off when Brie gave him a big hug. "I've missed you. But if anybody else asked, I never said that, ok?" She said.

  Julian returned the hug and smiled. "I missed you too, Kitty. Even though sometimes you confuse me."

  Brie let go and looked at Julian, baffled at what he said. "Confuse you how?"

  Much to Brie's annoyance, Julian just laughed and said "Don't sweat it, Kitty." He kissed her on top of her head then left.

  "Seriously, men are so confusing." Brie said to herself.

  "That's right darling, so if I were you, I'd date girls instead." Someone said from behind her.

  "Uhm. Who are you?" Brie asked. "Wait, you were at Brina's Valentines Day Ball, weren't you?"

  "I'm flattered you remember. I'm Alexa Sutton, nice to meet you, Kitty."

  Brie furrowed her brows. "Don't call me that."

  "Call you what, Kitty?"

  "Kitty." Brie said. "Don't call me kitty."

  "Why not? That's what he calls you."

  "Well he is my boyfriend."

  Alexa walk towards Brie. "Well darling, I suggest you leave your boyfriend and find someone else, who, I don't know, is not a boy." Alexa's face is now just a few inches away from Brie's. Alexa touched Brie's lips with her thumb. "You'll find them more interesting."

  Alexa inched closer and closer to Brie. Brie didn't know what to do so she froze in her place. Just as Alexa was about to kiss Brie, Brie was spun around and some other set of lips touched hers.

It was Julian.

  "Sorry, Alexa." Julian said after kissing Brie. "But Brie's mine. She's my kitty."

  Julian glared at Alexa, and she just smirked at her. "She didn't seem to mind." she teased him which in turn angered Julian.

  Brie felt this so she grabbed Julian's face and kissed him. Julian was surprised at first but once he recovered he deepened the kiss.

  "Yours." Brie said out of breath after they parted.

  "Yours." Julian repeated.

  Both of them completely forgot about Alexa who walked away furiously.

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