Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


13. Chapter 13

"I'm sorry but can you say that again? I think my mind is playing with me." Julian asked his friend, Seb.

     After that morning when Sam and him went home together from wherever they were the night before, he's been...distant.

     "I'm sure you heard me." Seb said.

     "I was hoping I was mistaken. You slept with your sister's best friend? The fuck were you thinking man?!"

     "I wasn't thinking at all." Seb said. "I know my sister's gonna cut my balls off when she finds out. She'll find out for sure."

      "Then why did you do it?" Julian asked although he knew exactly why he did it. His friend is in love.

       "I don't think you'll understand. I don't even understand." Seb answered.

     "Shit Seb, we sound like girls."

     "Tell me about it."

      Sebastian's mind started to wander back when he first met Sam.


      His sister did it again, he thought as he stared at the pile of mess in his room. Brie does that a lot. She knows how particular he is with his things.

      His clothes and shoes are arranged by color, size and material, his bed neatly made, his cd's and books arranged in alphabetical order.

      But right now none of those are present inside his room. His clothes are strewn allover the floor and bed, his pillows and blanket on the floor as well, and his movie collection is in a pile on his bed.

     Annoyed, he marched to his sister's room and didn't even bother knocking. He barged in.

    "Brie!" He called our angrily. It wasn't until both girls were looking at him that he realized she wasn't alone.

     There she was, her eyes puffy, her nose red, and she was blowing her nose on a piece of tissue. Still, she was the most beautiful girl he has even seen in his entire life. Prettier than his sister, and that says a lot. Because to him his sister is perfect. Well except when she messes up his entire fucking room.

     "Uhm. I'm sorry. I thought you were alone." He said, trying not to look at the other girl.

      His sister sighed. "Well, since you are here, I'll introduce you guys. Seb this is my new friend Sam, Sam this is my brother Sebastian."

      "Hi." Sam saidstill crying.

      "Hi. Uhm. Are you okay?" Seb asked.

     "Yeah I'm fine." She said but then she started crying. Hard. "Really, I'm okay, don't worrjjykgkkgkg." She cried harder. "Men are dicks. They're fucking dicks! Men are shit!" She said while crying.

      "Well, uhm. Do you want some ice cream? Or chocolates?" He awkwardly offered.

     "No.." Sam answered, sniffing. "But I'd like some pizza and burgers please."

     "Okay, I'll just.. I'll go buy some."

     "Thank you."

      "Brie, we'll talk later." Seb said firmly.

      "Is this about the mess in your room?" Brie asked. "I'll clean it up later I promise." Of course that never happened.

      He came back after buying pizzas, burgers, fries and some others and together they watched House of Wax.

*flashback ends*

     That day was the day he fell in love with Samantha Wiles.

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