Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


12. Chapter 12


     Sam thought maybe it was the biggest mistake she made in her entire life. Sam rarely regrets anything but right now she regrets everything. That says a lot.

     She was woken up by the blinding light that shone through the lighthouse's window. She looked beside her to see that Seb was still sleeping soundly and stark naked...just as she was.

     Quickly she picked up her clothes and started dressing up hoping Seb wouldn't wake up. Too bad.

      "Nice ass." Seb said. Sam felt the blush creeping up her cheeks. She never blushed. Ever.

      "Look, Seb. I---"

      "I know." Seb said before she could finish. He stood up not caring that he was wearing nothing but the piercing on his lip

      "Y-you do?" Sam asked.

      "Yes. I get that it was a spur of the moment sort of thing. I get the 'it can't happen again' shit. You don't have to tell me anymore." Seb said. Then he started walking towards Sam. "But it doesn't mean it won't happen again, darling." Then it was his lips on hers that she last remembered.

      "Are you sure they're fine? They're not picking their phones up! They never do that! Specially not Seb!" Brie was pacing back and forth, burning a hole on her white fluffy carpet.

      "They're fine Brie. Trust me okay?" Julian tried, but failed to calm her.

      "I can't take it anymore. I'm calling the police." Just as Brie was about to dial 911, the two 'missing' persons came in.

      "No need for that Brie." Sam said with a smirk. "I'm here, chica. Miss me?"

       Brie said nothing but she flung herself to Sam and then to Sebastian who gave her a big big hug.

       "I'm just so glad that you're okay. You had me worried! Don't ever do that again!" She reprimanded.

       "Yes mom." Seb said with a teasing grin.  "Well, I'll be in my room if you need me."

        An hour later, Sam and Brie were in the latter's room binge watching Supernatural.

        "JUST FUCKING KISS CAS, DEAN!" Sam shouted at the screen while throwing popcorn kernels as if the characters could hear her.

        "Start talking or I'll kill you." Brie suddenly said.

        "I'm shouting, can't you hear?" Sam said sarcastically.

        "That's not what I mean." Sam gave Brie a confused look. "Tell me why you have hickies on your shoulder and neck and why the smell of your perfume is all over my brother?"

        "Oh. That." Sam didn't even bother to deny it. Because one way or another, Brie's gonna find out.

         "Yes. That."

         "We did it twice." Sam said so casually.


          "That's all I'm telling you, Brie."

          "I hope you know what you're doing." Brie started. "You knew from the start how my brother feels about you. And I swear to God if you're only sleeping with him to get even with Sabrina I will kill you. Best friend or not, I will hunt you down, Sam."

         "Don't be so dramatic Brie. We both wanted it. We both know what could happen afterwards. And no. I did not sleep with him for the sake of my revenge on Sabrina." Sam said.

          "I just don't want to see him get hurt again. You know what happened with Tracey." Brie said, obviously worried.

          "I can't promise you that Brie. But I can assure you that whatever happened between us, it was..honest." Sam said.

          "Fine." Said Brie. "I believe you."

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