Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


10. Chapter 10

       "Well this is boring." Sebastian commented, an hour into the party.

       Sam nodded. "Exactly what I was thinking. I still don't understand the hype about the 'Valentine's Day Ball by Sabrina' thing." She said then sipped from her cup. "Ehck! What the hell is this? Where's the alcohol?"

       "You heard Brie. No alcohol." Sebastian reminded him.

        "Hmp. Who made her king." She scoffed.

         They stayed silent for moments, simple enjoying each other's company. Then Sam had an idea.

         "Why don't we ditch the party and have fun somewhere else?" She suggested, wriggling her brows at Sebastian.

         "But.. what about Brie?" Sebastian didn't want to leave his sister alone but he just couldn't afford to pass this opportunity.

         "Julian's here. He's gonna take care of her! Come on it'll be fun!" She insisted. "Please?" She pouted and batted her lashes.

         Sebastian groaned but in the end he agreed. Sam knew the effect she had on him and as bad as it may seem, she likes to use it against him.

         "Let me atleast tell Julian okay?"

         "Sure. Go ahead." Sam said then she watched him disappear into the crowd.

          Just then Sabrina appeared beside her. Sam pretended that she didn't notice when in truth is she did. She was also expecting her question.

          "What is your game, Samantha?" Sabrina asked.

          "I don't know what you mean." She said acting coy.

           "Cut the crap Wiles. What game are we playing?" Sabrina hissed.

           "I don't know about you but I'm not playing any game." Samantha insisted although she was lying through her teeth.

           "Look, what do you want? I can convince Clyde to get back with you then you leave Seb alone." Sabrina then held out her hand to Sam. "Do we have a deal?"

           "No, we don't." Sam said. Then she stood straight and gave Sabrina the most intimidating pose she could manage. "Listen bitch cause this is the only deal we're having. You keep your lousy, limpy-dicked boyfriend far, far away from me and you leave MY man alone. Okay?" She said as she kept on dabbing her finger on Sabrina's chest with every word.

           Sebastian arrived and found Sabrina looking rather embarrassed while Samantha was wearing a very satisfied smile on her face.

          Sebastian gave her a warning glare but Sam just shrugged it off with a smile.

          "Ready to go?" Seb asked her.

          "As I'll ever be." Sam said.

          "W-wait. You're leaving?" Sabrina stuttered the words. "Are you not having fun?"

          "Yes and no." Seb answered. "Respectively."

           "So, we'll get going. Bye Sabrina!" Sam said to Sabrina then she inched closer to her so that only she could hear what she's about to tell her. "Remember what I said bitch."

            After that they left the hotel and started driving. Seb looked at her sharply. "What was that about?"

            "Nothing." Sam said flashing him the most innocent smile she could give. Seb wasn't buying it though. "Don't worry about it okay? Let's just have fun." She added, batting her lashes.

             He sighed. "Where do you wanna go?" He asked.

             "I don't know. I just want you to keep driving." Sam said.

              They sat in comfortable silence for a while.

             "You're awfully quiet." Sebastian commented.

             "Hmm. Well I got nothing to say."  Sam said.

             Sebastian suddenly took a u-turn to a road unknown to Samantha and then he kept driving for a while. A few more moments he pulled over.

             "Where are we exactly?" Samantha finally asked.

             "This is our frat ground." He answered.

             "Frat? I didn't know you were in a frat. You're not even in college yet."

              Instead of answering he just smirked, took Sam's hand and lead her to wherever he was planning to take her.

            "Where are we going now?"

            "It's a secret." Then he gave her his sweetest smile. "I hope you don't mind getting your dress wet."

            "I really don't."

            "Then, welcome to the Sigma Alpha Mu Frat grounds." Seb said as he lead her to a starlit manmade lake. "Come sit with me."

            "This is really nice. Who came up with this?" Sam asked.

            "I did." Seb said. "Look, you don't have to pretend to be okay Samantha, I know you're hurt. Specially with what Clyde did to you."

             Sam knew he was right. She wasn't fine but she's not gonna let him know that. "Pshh. What are you saying."

             "That it's okay not to be okay, Sam. It's okay that you're hurting. And if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here." Seb said as he took her hand and gave it a light squeeze. "You wanna go boating?"

              "Sure. That'd be nice." 'Anything to change the topic.' She thought.

              They were close to the center of the lake where a tiny light house stood when Sam spoke.

              "This ground is awfully big. Who owns this?" She asked.

               "Basically, I do." Seb said.

               "What?" She asked, surprised.

               "I didn't buy it or anything. I went drag racing against this disgustingly rich guy. He was so damn confident that he'd win he bet this whole property. He lost." Seb said with a smirk.

               "I bet you led him to believe he'll be able to beat you." Sam said. She knew how cunning Seb could be. He's damned smart.

                "Manipulation is the key to success." He said smiling wider. "Well, now that we are here in the middle of this huge lake without any risknof being heard or whatsoever, I think it's safe to let your guard down now, Sam."

                "You manipulated me." She said deadbeat.

                "Like I said." He stopped rowing and held her hands with his. "Please, Sam. Let me in?"

               With that, her tears started falling. She didn't know why but they just did. She was vulnerable, broken and torn. "Well, you caught me." She said with a sad smile, her voice cracking and her heart breaking. She took her hands from Sebastian's and covered her face while she cried and cried and cried. "I... I loved him.. so much." She said in between sobs. "So, so, so much."

            Sebastian hated himself for doing what he did, for forcing her to break down her walls but he had to do it so that she would let him in.

           He knew that she was hurting so bad and if she didn't let it all out she'd explode.

           He hated himself for reminding her of the pain, but most of all he hated Clyde for hurting her.

            He had a chance. Sam chose him and she ended up with a broken heart. 'How dare he?' Seb thought. Then he moved closer and took her in his arms.

            She looked up to him with those tear-stained cheeks and sad eyes and his own walls broke.

            Slowly, he closed the distance betweet their faces and claimed her lips with his. Finally doing what he always wanted to do since the first day he met her.


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