Boyfriend Material (ON HOLD)

Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.


1. Chapter 1

       “It’s not really that bad as you make it seem like.” Samantha told her best friend.


       “What do you mean ‘not really that bad’? I’m 16 and I’ve never had a boyfriend ever in my whole life! I’ve never even been kissed!!” Abbrielle or simply Brie argued.


       “So?” Samantha retorted back sarcastically. “Never being kissed is not exactly a deadly sin, Brie. Stop making a big deal out of it.” She added


       “Easy for you to say. You and Clyde have been dating for 8 months now and you’ve had boyfriends before him.” Brie said.


       “What exactly is your point?”


       “My point is I need a boyfriend!!” Brie said a little loudly than she meant.


       Unfortunately for her, the school’s gossip queen heard about her little outburst and within the next few minutes, the news spread faster than wildfire. Everybody knew that the school’s golden girl have never had a boyfriend ever before.


       At lunch, Brie had this feeling that everyone was looking at her, whispering behind her back and she was right.


       It was that moment when Sabrina, her archenemy approached her and brought up the subject.


       “Hey Brie. How are you?” she greeted her with a mischievous grin Brie hated very much.


       “Very well, thank you.” Brie said simply.


       “Really? So life is good?”


       “Yes. why?” Brie asked now getting more and more anxious and curios as to why her enemy is asking these kinds of stuffs.


       “How about your love life?”  Sabrina dragged the last words.


       “W-why’d you asked?” Brie nervously asked. ‘How the hell did she know?’ she thought.


       “Well, it’s just that, there are rumors saying that you’ve never had a boyfriend before.” Sabrina said this so loudly that the whole cafeteria silenced.


       “T-that’s not true!!” Brie almost stuttered. “In fact I and my boyfriend will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary next month.” Now that’s a big fat lie.


       “Oh really?” Sabrina was shocked to hear that but she regained her calm composure easily. “Well, I’m sure the whole school would like to meet this boyfriend of yours. There will be a Valentine’s Dance on Valentine’s Day. Only couples are invited. Why don’t you bring your boyfriend with you?”


       ‘Crap.’ She thought. “W-why sure. That’s no problem at all.” Brie said.


       “Ok then. See you around, brit” Sabrina said then she left.


       The cafeteria went back to normal but Brie’s heart is still beating so fast she’s afraid it will burst out of her chest anytime.


       ‘What the hell have I gotten myself into?’ she thought as she headed to their table.


       “Hey, what’s with the glum face?” Samantha asked Brie when she reached their table.


       “Well,” Brie whispered. “Someone told Sabrina that I’ve never had a boyfriend.”




       “What do you mean so? So I denied it!” she whispered exasperatingly. “Now she wants me to bring my non-existent boyfriend to the upcoming Valentine’s Dance and I have no Idea who to bring!”


       “Bring one of your brother’s friends?” Sam suggested.


       “That would be a good idea if Sabrina doesn’t know all of my brother’s friends!” Brie said.


       “You have a point.” Then she paused. “Oh, how about we advertise? Like wanted: boyfriend?”


       “Advertise? If we advertise Sabrina would eventually find out and it will be the end of the world.” Brie said to Sam in an over-exaggerated manner.


       “Oh come on. It’s not that bad.” Sam argued.


       “You said that this morning and look what happened.” Brie said then she dragged her hands down her face. “I’m doomed, dead, totally dead.”

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