The Rose's

Two young aspiring musical artists get tangled up in one directions crazy world. Meet lily the crazy, sensitive and shy at first type. Then you've got Ella the crazy, caring and sensitive type. Follow these girls in their world of chaos and more


3. One Direction surprise

Ella's pov

"Sorry she never lets anyone into our studio." I said shrugging while placing plates on the table. "It's alright." Liam said smiling. Damn it why does he have to be so handsome. "Louis stop trying to open the bloody door." I yelled at him. "Your mean." Louis said poking a tongue at me. I poked mine right back. Lily hurry home please. I started serving up breakfast for everyone. I sat down in between Harry and Liam. I started eating but zayn kept glancing at the studio door. "You can forget it Zayn." I said through a mouthful of food. He looked down at his food and started playing with it. "Bloody hell Niall, you do eat a lot." I said wide eyed. That kid has had about 4 servings of breakfast going for a 5th. The front door went open. I only saw it because the boys didn't notice. Lily poked her head through and put a finger to her lips. She started sneaking across the floor. Then the front door slammed shut and she jumped over the couch. I tried to contains my laughter. "Ella you look like your going to explode." Said Niall worriedly. Then I saw lily tripping over everything trying to get to the stairs. I bursted into laughter. The boys looked at me weird. "You will understand soon enough." I said calming down. "Hello boys." Yelled lily coming down the stairs. Everyone was so surprised. I bursted into laughter when lily once again tripped over. "I'm fine Ella thanks for caring." She said sarcastically. "Love ya." I yelled clearing the plates. I turned to see lily getting tickled tortured to hand over the key. "Never." She yelled. Then I saw harry, Liam and Zayn walking towards me evilly. "Run." I heard lily say. I ran out the back and up a tree we would climb when we hide. I waited for a few minutes then i saw Zayn, Harry and Liam beneath the tree. I hid more in the leaves. I saw lily on the roof hiding. I whistled the mocking jay tune. She looked at me and I swung the rope to her. She grabbed it and swung like Tarzan to me. "Holy shirt their scary when they wanted to be." She said whispering. I nodded my head in agreement. I smelt something sweet in the air and it was oh no. "Lily don't you dare." I said. "But it's Nandos." She said whimpering. "Lily you go down there there and they will go into our place." I said pouting. "Fine." She said pouting. "Girls we give up." I heard Liam. "Okay." We yelled. We jumped down from the tree and went inside. The boys were on the couch watching television. Niall was eating Nando's. "You better give some to me." I heard lily say evilly. "We came here to ask you to be our opening act on our tour." Said Liam clearing his throat. "Okay." I said shrugging. Lily looked at me and smirked. I just shot her a death glare. "We will be happy to come." Lily said smiling innocently. "Okay come to the golden hotel (made up hotel) tomorrow." Niall said. The boys said their goodbyes to us and left. "Lily I'm going to make us some lunch." I said trying to keep myself busy. I stated making ham and cheese sandwiches. I bought them over to lily who was in the studio. She was going through some papers, and marking things. "What ya doin." I said. "I'm trying to get some ideas for songs." She said scribbling out something. "You always find something to write about." I said shrugging and placing her lunch next to her. "Call me if you need anything." I said walking back out.

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