The Rose's

Two young aspiring musical artists get tangled up in one directions crazy world. Meet lily the crazy, sensitive and shy at first type. Then you've got Ella the crazy, caring and sensitive type. Follow these girls in their world of chaos and more


2. meeting the Rose's

Lily's POV

Sunlight was pouring through my curtains. I groaned. I sat up on my bed and staggered to my wardrobe. I took of my love heart pjs and put on my macaroon t-shirt and high waisted shorts on. I walked out of my room. I walked down the hallway and stopped at the top of the stairs. "ELLA." I yelled. "WHAT." She yelled back. "CAN YOU CARRY ME DOWN THE STAIRS." I yelled. "NO GET DOWN HERE YOURSELF." She yelled. I groaned. I laid on the top step and rolled down the stairs. On the last step I sat up and yelled "HAPPY NOW." "YES." She yelled. I walked to the bench next to the kitchen. "What ya makin." I said. "Scrambled eggs on toast." She said. "YESSS." I yelled. She started laughing. I walked over to our couch and sat down. My phone went off in the studio. I got up and walked into the studio. I picked up my phone and read the message. Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall and louis just followed you on twitter. My eyes bulged out of my head. "ELLA." I yelled. "WHAT NOW." She yelled back. I ran out of the studio and into the kitchen. "ONE DIRECTION IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER." I yelled. I screamed but she didn't. After I calmed down, i realised she didn't scream with me. "Ella why aren't you screaming with me, what did you do." I said. She turned around and gave me a small smile. "I might of sorta asked them if they wanted to come over and they said yes." She said. "You did what now." I yelled. "Oh and they might be coming over in about 10 minutes time." She said quietly. "I'm going to watch tv now ok." I said. She nodded and turned around and kept cooking. I walked over to the couch and sat down. I turned the tv on and changed the channel to the music station. The song Freaks came on. I jumped up and started dancing. Ella was swaying her hips while cooking. Then the doorbell rang but we didn't hear it. We just kept dancing. Then I heard the knock. I turned the tv off and ran to the door. "Who is it." I said in my sweet voice. "One direction." Said an Irish voice. I opened the door and saw the boys staring at me. "What is there something wrong." I asked confused. Louis was laughing, the boys joined in. "You hair it looks like it went through a hurricane." Said louis. I blushed and ran up the stairs. I closed the door and looked at my hair. It actually did look like a hurricane had hit it. I started giggling. I brushed it through and put it into a bun. I went down stairs and saw the boys with sad expressions. "Were sorry we laughed." They said. I started laughing. When I looked back up they had confused faces. "No it's fine I was actually going to star bucks like that so you just saved me from public humiliation." I said. Then they had smiles on their faces. I saw Zayn walking over to the studio. I ran past Zayn and locked the studio door with a key. I put the key in my pocket and turned around. "Lily why did you do that." Asked Ella coming out of the kitchen with plates. "Because you know why." I said. "Oh lily it's alright if they see it." Said Ella. "Later." I said turning back to the boys. Making sure the key was with me. I walked out the door. Sigh. I started walking Down the road to star bucks.

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