The Rose's

Two young aspiring musical artists get tangled up in one directions crazy world. Meet lily the crazy, sensitive and shy at first type. Then you've got Ella the crazy, caring and sensitive type. Follow these girls in their world of chaos and more


1. meeting the band members

HEY EVERYONE MY NAMES LILIANA BUT YOU CAN CALL ME LILY. I have bright blue eyes and long golden hair. My best friend Ella and I are big one direction fans. We both live together in an house together. Our parents live in Australia while we live in LA. I like food, boy bands, books, drawing, singing, ballroom/dancing, acting, kickboxing and animals. I I'm afraid of spiders, being hated, Bees, love and heart break. Ella and I are a duet called The Rose's. We chose our name because ever rose has a thorn. I'm the shy, artistic and funny girl.

Hey guys it's me Ella. I have blue eyes and long brown hair. My bestie lily and I live in la. We love it here. WE ❤️ ONE DIRECTION. Were saving up to buy one direction books. I love food, singing, gymnastics, dancing, acting, books, drawing and animals. I'm afraid of spiders, snakes, love and heart break. I'm in a duet called The Rose's. We always wanted to sing and become a duet so lily and I decided to do it. I'm the fashionista, sassy and shy girl.

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