The Rose's

Two young aspiring musical artists get tangled up in one directions crazy world. Meet lily the crazy, sensitive and shy at first type. Then you've got Ella the crazy, caring and sensitive type. Follow these girls in their world of chaos and more


5. Fuck you boys

Lily's POV

I yawned. I took my head off my... Wait desk? I looked at my surroundings to see I was in the studio. I could hear muffled voices outside the door. I slowly walked to the door. I opened it up just a crack to see who was out there. I saw one direction. What the hell they doing here. I slowly creeped out of the door. I closed it quietly behind me. "Lily?" I heard Liam say. Shit. "Hey guys what are you doing here hehe." I said scratching the back of my head. "Umm to tell you that it's nearly time to go to the hotel." Louis said with a duh face. "What were you doing in there." Zayn said pointing behind me. I was writing song lyrics and drawing some thing but I wasn't going to tell them that. "Oh just umm never mind." I said. "Lily why the fuck is one direction here." Ella said at the top of the stairs rubbing her eyes. "Morning sleeping beauty." I said rolling my eyes. "How was the cold hard desk bitch." She said smirking. "Hey." I yelled. She stuck her tongue at me. "Bring it on." Ella and I said together. We both got weird smiles on our faces. "Twin telepathy." We yelled pointing at each other. We looked back at the boys. They had wtf faces on. We both smirked at each other and looked at them. "Do you want to play with us." We both said creepily. "Holy shit demon spawn of satan." Harry yelled at us hiding behind Liam. We started cracking up laughing. "Okay serious talk now, wtf are you doing here." Ella yelled. "You've got five mins to get ready because we have to go to the hotel." Liam said looking at his watch. Ella took off up the stairs. I locked the studio door. I ran up the stairs to my bedroom. I walked into my wardrobe. I chucked on black skinny skinny jeans and a crop t-shirt that had tiger on it. I chucked on some black flats. I walked out and went into my bathroom. I put on some mascara and red lipstick. I brushed my hair and put a ring of Daisy's in my hair. Fake obviously. I curled the tips of my hair. I walked out of the bathroom. I got my iPhone. I took off its cover it had on. It said sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. I put on my other cover that had a moustache on it. I walked out of my bedroom. I went to Ella's and knocked on her door. She opened it. She had a pooh bear crop t-shirt, white skinny jeans, white flats, hair the same as mine, she had her daisy crown but they were a light purple, she had mascara and pink lips and her iPhone cover had a moustache on it as well. "Looks like we have a great taste in fashion." I said smirking. "Lily I'm the fashionista I choose your out fit." She said snapping her fingers in a z formation. "Bitch please stop before you hurt yourself." I said. We both cracked up laughing. We both headed downstairs. The boys looked up at us and had red cheeks on their faces. "Lets go." I yelled. Ella and I ran for the door. I got picked up by strong hands. I was squirming trying to break free. I looked over to see Ella grabbed by Liam I looked up to see louis smiling like a Cheshire Cat. "Let me go." Ella and I yelled. "Nope." They both said swinging us over their shoulders. We were walking to the van. I looked up to see Zayn, Niall and Harry laughing their asses off. I pointed the rude finger at them. "I HATE YOU MALIK, STYLES AND HORAN I WILL HAVE MY FUCKING REVENGE." I screamed. I heard the doors of the van open. I got chucked in and Ella fell on top of me. "FUCK YOU PAYNE AND TOMLINSON." I screamed again. Ella finally got off me. We both sat in our seats and looked out the window. Harry sat next to Ella and Niall and Zayn were behind me. Shoot me now.

~ 30 minutes later ~

I swear to god if I hear what makes you beautiful again my ears are gonna bleed. The boys literally sang that all the way here. This hotel was huge and golden. Oh shit paparazzi. "Girls run inside okay." I heard Zayn say. "Holy shit Zayn said something." I screamed happily. Zayn gave me a wtf face. I suddenly got on a suger rush. I opened the door and ran through the paparazzi's. "Lily help." I heard Ella behind me. I ran to her and grabbed her hand. We finally got into the hotel. We both collapsed on the couches in the lobby. This is so comfy. "Ahhhh." We both said smile's plastered on our faces. "Thanks for leaving us out there." I heard Niall say. "Your welcome." I said snuggling more in the couch. I heard every thing was quiet. "GET UP." I heard louis yell. "Ahhhh." I screamed. I fell off the couch and on the floor. "Ow." I mumbled. It was actually surprisingly comfy. I sat up and death glared them all. I looked at Ella and saw she was still on the couch. I got up and walked over to Ella. I started singing " Do you wanna build a snowman or ride our bikes around the hall." The she shot up and smiled. She then sang. "I think some company is over due, I started talking to the pictures on the hall." Then we both sang. "Hang in there john." We both cracked up laughing. "Wow you guys sounded amayzing." Zayn said. "Lily he fucking spoke." Ella screamed in my face. "I know." I screamed. "Come on girls Lou is waiting in the hotel room and so are the dressing stylist." Liam said. "But aren't we already pretty." I said pouting. The boys just went red. "Lily i think we need to leave because we are to perfect for them." Ella said smirking. "Oh shut up." They yelled but turning a deeper shade of red. Ella and I shrugged and went to the elevators. The boys followed. They piled in. Oh crap their going to see my scar. I looked at Ella nervously and she instantly understood. Why me.

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