Truth Behind The Deception

The backs stories to the decepticons of tfp . Is linked to an up coming tfp fanfic ! I own nothing besides any OCs I may create


2. Starscream : seeker

~~Starscream lied Megatrons throne motionlessly.

 Had he not been so good at playing dead the predacons would have no doubt have finished the job they started .

Not that it mattered he was in such bad shape he would leak to death .

The decepticons ultimately led to his downfall as he knew it would and like his father said no one was going to save him even if he couldn't save him self like he had in the past . His luck had finally run out and it was finally over , no return ,bounce back, or forgiveness .

His undeniable desire rule had finally destroyed him but where did It all come start ?

"Dumb questions",he thought to him self .

(Many Millennia ago ,a little before the war ,in the city known as Clowdias ).

Starscream a young energon seeker had just got done with another great air show with his two best friends Warp and Thundercraker .

After collecting and splitting the money as they usually would they went to there favorite hill ,talked ,dreamt and went home the usual .

When Starscream got to his small home he noticed alot of things were displaced and his mother was missing .

Him and his friends searched high and low for all of of there families  ,but he eventually found out that he and his friends flight and seaking skills had caught the attention of the newly formed deceptions and now as ransom fort there loyalty Megatron would keep all of there families alive .

So now Starscream was barely clinging to life, with his prospective all but lost ,(because the hole reason he wanted to rule the deceptions was to find out about every ones families )and out of luck Starscream was ready two let go .

"Curse you Megatron .....and all decepticon kind" he mumble to him self before he hurd a voice that sounded like Optimus Prime simpley saying " not yet" .

Then a green flash of light appeared over him before he passed out. Elsewere Arcee was working on communications among other things,when All of a sudden she herd a familiar voice say to her "old friend finish forgiving for the sake of cybertron ".

Then Starscream appeared behind her in stasis lock and damaged but the fact Arcee hurd Optimus's voice again was enough to make her fall to her silently knees with out even turning around .


Sorry if this was short but this is going to tie into other things and I don't want to give the whole thing away any who stay blessed and stay awesome and keep reading . :-3

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