Truth Behind The Deception

The backs stories to the decepticons of tfp . Is linked to an up coming tfp fanfic ! I own nothing besides any OCs I may create


1. prologue

~~~~Eons ago a poor aviator lost the little he had and could never replace it.

 An Artist had her dreams crushed and her spark darker.

 A spy's cover was blown, life was sold, and mind lost. A medic was made a murder.

They have all stolen, betrayed, and killed, but none of them was born that way.

They were forced to stomp on sparklings in front of their parent and Beg primus forgiveness.

They were Forced to do terribly things to innocent cybertronians to the point it warped their minds.

Now the war was truly over and Megatron who just up and decided,” I'm going to nearly destroy two worlds and trillions of lives “, was drifting in the wind some ware ,and because some devil gave him a head ache tyranny is “bad now”.

“That selfish bum “, they thought to themselves at once.

Now Starscream,Airachnid, and Soundwave were wasting away at Megatrons throne, on the moon, and in the shadow zone. Meanwhile, knockout tried to show his worth as an autobot harboring shame for only having the courage to trade sides after the decepticons were defeated.

This led them all to think on how they got where they were and if they could survive to get anywhere else, where would they go from there.

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