horror stories

These are probably crappy horror stories that I came up with...read if you want idk if it will like them though.


2. The house on the Hill

Jane and James have been friends since she moved with her foster parents, Jane didn’t have any memories of her past. She didn’t know her birthday or anything, she had nothing. All the memories that she had was with James and her parents. They were walking in the woods and they were talking.

“Hey did you hear about the story?”

“What story?” Jane said looking into his green eyes that was covered with his brown hair.

“Okay so there is a story that there was a family that lived there and they treated there daughter so bad that one night so got up and killed all of them and then disappeared into the night.” he said with a creepy voice. Jane looked at the house that was on the hill. Soon Jane got cold chills, she doesn’t know if it was from what James said or the wind. They walked back to the old quiet town, James dropped her off at her house, it was the biggest one in town. She walked up the stairs to her room that creaked with every step. She got into her room and changed out of her school uniform, she changed into sweats and a long sleeve shirt, it was almost winter and they had a week left from school. She walked down stairs and was hearing voices, they weren't her mothers or her father’s they were someone else she just could tell. She was on her computer and then her computer dinged at her telling her that she has a email.


From: Your_Crazy_boy

To: Your_Sweet_Cakes

    Hey are you still going to the house tonight? If you are i am coming with you I don’t trust people that give you dares, I am sorry if i am bugging you. So I don’t care what you are going to say I am going with you.


From: Your_Sweet_Cakes

To: Your_Crazy_Boy

    Yeah I can’t back down from this dare, you know how it goes. I just can’t believe that she dared me to do it. I don’t get her at all I don’t know why she hates me so much!



To: Your_Sweet_Cakes

    She just doesn’t like people but the people that she hangs out with Jane. Its, just how it is, well I am on my way to get you bye.


From: Your_Sweet_Cakes

To: Your_Crazy_Boy

    Okay see you in a little bit bye.

Jane closed the laptop and got on socks and her ugg boots. She got on a jacket and there was a knock on the door, she ran down the stairs and yelled to her parents that she was leaving with James. They walked into the woods and walked up to the house that was on the hill. James opened the door and it creaks the wind howls when it hits the side of the house.  They walked in and James went a different way then Jane. She was walking around she got to the stairs and there was a noise, so she went up the stairs and came to a door she slowly opened it and saw a black tattered dress. She feels like she has been there before but she can’t remember them she was knock to the ground. Then she got up after 10 minutes, she walked into a room and it was purple with green lining Jane’s two favorite color’s. She touched something's and decided to leave the room she went back down to look for James. She found him and he gave her a hug.

“Oh my god i am so glad that you are okay are you ready to leave.”

“Yeah I just want to say one thing..”

“What is that?”

“I remember who i am…”

“That is good right….then who are you?”

“I am the girl in the story that killed her parents.”

“Okay i think you hit your head to hard Jane.” he said turning his back. Jane looked at the ground and grabbed a stick and stabbed him in the back, the red warm liquid splashed on her face and she listened to James choking on his own blood. She then got on top of him and started to stab him she got more and more blood on her face. She got up looked down at him and smiled. “This house on the hill is mine.” Jane said walking outside, then she walked into the cold foggy night.

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