horror stories

These are probably crappy horror stories that I came up with...read if you want idk if it will like them though.


1. The Annabelle doll


(The house they moved into)

I put the box down in the hallway, I heard creaking up the stairs and thought that it was my little brother. I walked up the stairs and walked down the hall, then he popped out around the corner. I jumped a little bit and slapped him up side the head.

“You stupid, 10 year old.” I said taking his mask off of him, “Mom wants us to help unpack the car.” I walked down the stairs and walked out to the car, grabbed more boxes. I was playing with my lip ring, I walked in the house and left to door opened. Then I heard a knock on the door, I turned around there stood a middle age woman about my mom age and a boy with blond hair and a lip ring on the opposite side of mine, I looked around and my mom wasn’t in the house she was probably out back with my little sister, she was only 6. I walked over to the door, and looked at them. “Can I help you with something.”

“Well hi” She said looking around the house, “My name is Nancy and this is my son Luke.” B

“I am Cherry, that is my little brother Lucas, my mom and sister are out back.” I said looking at her.

“Well we are just here to give you this.” she hands me a plate that has fruit bread on it. I smiled at her and they left. I closed the door, I walked out back and my sister had a doll in her hand, it was a creepy little thing, even though it was just a rag doll. There was something about it that I didn’t like, I just couldn’t place my finger on it.

I gulped and looked at my little sister, she looked at me and smiled.

“What are you going to name it?” I said a little scared.

“Its name is going to be Annabelle.”


    After a few weeks, I was sick I came down with a cold then it turned into the flu, it didn’t start to happen till Jade got that stupid rag doll. Nothing has happened to Jade or Lucas, mom was gone so I had to keep an eye on them, she had to run into town to get my medicine and to do other things. I walked into my sister’s play room and she was at her mini table with tea cup, a tea pot, and her kitchen play set. She was sitting across from where her doll Annabelle, she got up out of her seat and picks up Annabelle.

    “Annabelle doesn’t like you and wants you to get away from us, she doesn’t want me sick.” I slowly back out of the room and walked down to Lucas’ room. I opened it and the door creaked open, soon he whipped his head to the side.

    “Maxx doesn't want you near us, you disease woman.” I closed the door and walked down the stairs. I am starting to worry about those two, ever since Jade found Annabelle, Lucas has a friend named Maxx and seems like they hate me now. I was watching TV and the door opened, I looked up and over the back of the couch.

    “Honey you should be in your room.”

    “Mom something is wrong with Jade and Lucas. First Jade tells me that ‘Annabelle wants me to leave because she doesn’t want her sick’ then I went to check on Lucas and he said ‘Maxx doesn’t want you near us, you disease woman.’ Do I have a disease Mom?”

    “No honey you don’t, they are just kids, I won’t worry about it too much.” she said handing me a bag. We saw the doctor late last night, so I didn’t bother not having what i needed last night. I was cold so I covered up. I looked out the window and the snow was falling from the sky, it was pretty when they stayed on the trees. I opened the bag and then Jade came down the stairs, she sat Annabelle in the rocking chair and Jade went in a different room. I think the same room that my mom was in. I looked back at the doll and the doll moved her head. ‘BANG! BANG!’ the door went, I jumped up and went to the door, and Luke and his mom was standing there.

    “Can I help you?” I asked them while I held my stomach.

    “We heard that you were sick, and wanted to bring you this.” she said walking into the house. I looked at Luke and then he stood up when his mom was far away from us.

    “She didn’t know that you were sick till we got here, she just wanted to see your mom.”


    That night I was in my room, looking at the ceiling nothing going on around me, then I heard a door close. ‘That’s not right everyone is asleep.’ I thought to myself. I got up and went to my moms room and walked over to her bedside I uncovered her and the whole bed was covered in blood. I ran out of there, I went to my brothers next and he was on the ground bleeding out, I was crying I went to Jade’s room next, I put my hand on the doorknob it was cold. I turned it and opened it and stood at the door frame and there the Annabelle stood with a knife in hand.


TV:  We just found out that a whole family was killed but one girl the police got her and she was screaming and yelling that the doll killed the whole family, she is unstable at this point in time. We don’t know anymore than what we told you, when she calms down then we might get answers to what really happened this night.



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