The Dancer

Just a normal Street Dancer. A normal guy but he needs a lead dancer. He sees this Street dancer one day. They talk..... She becomes the new lead dancer.
-December- -Micheal- -Names-

1. 1

December's POV.

Hi I'm December. I have black hair and brown eyes. I am a Street Dancer. I live in NYC. (New York City.) I have been Street Dancing since I was 11. I'm 17 now... 6 yrs.

I love dancing. I grew up in New York. Actually I moved to NYC when I was 5. I have been living here ever since.

I live with my best friend Emmy. Actually her name is Emalia Beth. But I have her the nickname Emmy in 1st when I met her. We're both in highschool.

My parents died when I was 9. They died in a fire at their work.. That was a really tuff time for me and Emmy and her family where there for me.

Emmy moved out at 16 yrs old because her parents kept fighting. Finally they got divorced.. She dint want to choose who to live with. She lived with her mom just for about 5 months until she got enough $ to get her own place at 17.

I was living with my Aunt Kath since I was 9 until I was 17. I moved with Emmy 7months ago. I'm almost 18. Emmy is 2months older than me so she has 3months till she turns 18 an I have 5months.

Well that's me!! Byeee!

(An- This is my new story!!)

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