Life: The Beginning

Autumn has been dreading her whole life for as long as she could remember. Until one day she finds out what her true destiny is. She and her siblings have been granted powers that many animals have never heard of, but such great powers comes big responsibilities, and Autumn isn't sure if she is ready. Meanwhile, SilGold is planning to come back and give Animalla what it deserves. Will Autumn and siblings be ready to face the challenges that come ahead, or will they encounter a terrible fate.


1. Prologue

      Sheba ducked down swiftly as a bolt of bright light shot over her. She looked around desperately for a place to hide. Another blast of light shot this time past Sheba, narrowly missing her ear. She yowled in terror, and ran behind a tall gray statue, that was shaped as an elephant. She sat behind the statue trembling, wondering what had happened to her dear friends. Sheba and her friends came to this dreaded place she was now, to defeat the terrible ruler, SilGold. She and her friends were granted along hand powers that would help defeat the ruler, by the Animal Gods. When they came to vanquish him, they ended quickly ended up being separated. Now she sat alone, fearing for her life that her friends will come find her, and save her. Sheba took a long shaky breath, "Listen here Sheba", she said," you are going to get through this, and you will soon be known as a hero for centuries".

"Oh Sheba, you're such a fool,"came a low mocking voice.Sheba froze, she knew all too well who that voice belong to, and dreaded hearing it again. Sheba slowly peered around the statue to find.....a dog. As soon as she looked at the creature, her heart filled with sadness. The dog that stood before her was a Jack Russell, with creamy light brown fur, and multi-colored eyes that were silver and gold. She surprised to see that he didn't have his wings on him this time. She had been friends with this creature before, and even loved him once. This creature was SilGold. "What do you mean I am a fool",she said flatly. SilGold laughed, and then frowned. " You do know you are never going to fully win this fight. Let alone ever fix the mess you have caused between us". Sheba lifted her head up in defiance. "Ridiculous we shall defeat you," she said rather a little to loud, trying to hide how nervous she was. " And for our relationship I do not care what becomes of it". SilGold let put a low deep chuckle. "I'm glad I didn't want to hear your stupid pleas anyway".

He then laid down, and exposed his belly. "Well, I guess you have to get on with it", he said. Sheba looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?", she asked. "You do know you need to kill me right, or did you actually come to fix our relationship," he said in mock confusion. Sheba flinched, and looked away from SilGold. She knew she had to defeat SilGold, but she was hoping she didn't have to be the one to end it. She looked back at SilGold, and was taken aback to find sadness in his eyes, and gave her a slight sad smile. Sheba then remembered all the good times they had when they were younger, and how they were so close, until she messed things up. Sheba quickly blinked away tears, and the memories soon vanished. "SilGold, things will never be the same,"she said slowly," i don't think I can ever forgive for what you have done to Anamalla" SilGold snarled and rose quickly to his paws. "And what has Anamalla done for?", he asked," all it did was give me sadness and pain". Tears started to stream down his face. " AND HOW DARE YOU SAY HOW YOU MIGHT NOT EVER FORGIVE......WHEN YOU BETRAYED ME, AND USED ME LIKE A PUPPET". Sheba looked up at SilGold fearfully. She knew he was mad about what she had done, but she didn't know that he was this mad. "S-SilGold calm d-down", Sheba said.

"CALM DOWN......HOW CAN CALM DOWN. After what you done to me". He brought his paw slowly up, making it face Sheba. Suddenly, a ball of bright fire erupted, in the caress of his paw. Sheba eyes widened in fear as she gazed at the ball of light. She knew she was not powerful to stop SilGold's attack, and she felt that she deserved this punishment for the pain she has caused him. "Leave her alone", came a growl. SilGold lowered his paw, and the ball of fire disappeared. "Looks like your friends have finally showed up", he said to Sheba. Sheba looked around, and saw her friends coming from the shadows. She noticed Shep, a German Shepard, and ran up to him, purring to show she was glad to see him. SilGold bared his fangs at them, and turned sharply away. "Has he hurt in any way?", asked Shep gently. Sheba shook her head slowly, and looked down at her paws, suddenly feeling hot. She looked up SilGold, who still had his back to them."Your time has ended, SilGold. You will no longer rule over Anamalla". SilGold slowly turned around to face Shep, and slowly grinned at him. " You are partly correct my friend, I will no longer rule over Anamalla, at least for now. Also, my time has not ended yet. Listen well animals, you may have your pathetic land back, but do know I will be back, and I will be as powerful as ever". He looked at each animal, and stopped at Sheba. Again she saw the dreaded sadness in his eyes. " My dear Sheba," he said gently," I wish things could have been different". As soon has SilGold stopped speaking, a mysterious bright light engulfed SilGold, and then he was gone. The animals stared in shock at where the creature they came to defeat had vanished. "Where did he go?", asked Sheba shakily. " Who knows and who cares", replied Shep," lets go and report this to the rest of the animals, and lets hope what SilGold said wasn't true". The animals grunted in agreement and headed off to report the dreaded news. Sheba followed slowly behind her friends. She couldn't help but feel that SilGold meant every word he said, and that he will come back. If only she knew it was sooner then she ever could have expected.

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